Promising areas of startup studio work were discussed in INRTU

On September 12, members of the Entrepreneurs' Club met at the INRTU workshop. INRTU students and the city residents interested in venture business discussed promising areas of work of the university startup studio. The event was moderated by Sergey Mayarenkov, professor of practice and head of the studio.

In 2022 the university launched a startup studio within the framework of the federal project "University Technological Entrepreneurship Platform". The organization is focused on promoting breakthrough ideas in engineering industries. The studio holds the Entrepreneurs' Club's monthly meetings.

Last Tuesday the Entrepreneurs' Club met for the first time this academic year. INRTU students and staff, IT specialists, analysts and aspiring lawyers attended the meeting. Sergey Mayarenkov, head of the startup studio, invited the club members to reflect on how they can be useful for the Club and what directions they would suggest to develop.

Anatoly Bystritsky, Advisor to the Rectorate, graduate of INRTU Department of Chemical Technologies, was the most active participant. He is a graduate of the Department of Chemical Technologies of INRTU. He is known as a professional inventor, TRIZ-consultant and business coach. He solved technological problems in the interests of Incheon SME Department client's as a guest expert in 2010-2013.

While in Korea, together with a team of scientists, he developed 20 projects for Asian industrialists. For example, a radio-controlled dog training collar developed by Anatoly has been successfully implemented due to changes in Korean law requirements for keeping pets. He also invented a new suit design for protection against X-ray radiation.

According to Anatoly Bystritsky, his rich professional experience and competencies could help him in developing a startup studio. He is ready to start developing customized technologies. He also intends to act as the person in charge of team building and increasing the team's efficiency.

"I recommend the startup studio to focus on the development of railway transportation, ophthalmology and traumatology, energy and aircraft construction technologies. These are the most promising industries in Irkutsk region. For example, we can consider the energy sector as a market for engineering solutions to maintain buildings and structures.

I find the topic of production of simulators for laparascopy and analog veneer made of vegetable biodegradable plastic interesting. Such veneer can be used in the construction of drones, providing them with radar transparency. Another unusual but profitable sphere is the wild plants cultivation, creation of oyster mushrooms and red roses plantations," said Anatoly Bystritsky.

Dmitry Nechitaylo, an ISU student and future lawyer, who found out about the Entrepreneurs' Club meeting from an announcement in social networks, also participated in the event. Dmitry is in his final year of study, has experience as an assistant lawyer, gives consultations on the sale of trademarks. The student notes that he would be interested in providing legal support to the participants of the startup studio.

Closing the meeting, Sergey Mayarenkov thanked the guests for the active discussion. He also recommended paying attention to subsoil use, logging and Winter City technology development projects. It is planned to discuss the public business case and invite Irkutsk entrepreneurs ready to share their experience of starting a business during the next meeting.

Photo by Arseny Chekmarev