INRTU Researchers Offer ALROSA-Gaz Light Petroleum Products and Road Bitumen Production Technology

Staff of the Department of Chemical Technology named after N.I. Yaropolov of INRTU has developed a technology of crude oil and gas condensate blending for maximum recovery of light petroleum products and production of road bitumen. ALROSA-Gaz commissioned analytical works worth about 4 million rubles.

ALROSA-Gaz (an ALROSA company) carries out a full production cycle for production, processing, transportation and sales of gas.

The acting head of the department, Georgy Bozhenkov, said that the university became a participant in the project after winning the competition. Among those who performed the experiments were Anna Chaika, Associate Professor, and Nikita Alimov, a grad student. In two months students and employees of the university studied petroleum products and gas condensate, compared the indicators of industrial samples to national GOST standards

“The customer offered to study two types of crude and condensate. The volume of each sample delivered was 20 liters. We separated the crude into fractions - gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, oils and bitumen. As a result of analytical work the optimal ratio of initial hydrocarbons was found for efficient processing with the production of diesel oil,” - said Georgii Bozhenkov.

According to the professor, the results of the research will allow ALROSA-Gaz to engage in oil refining projects taking into account the economic feasibility and the fuel and energy resources available in the region:

“The company plans to produce diesel oil for our own needs. Realizing that there is a shortage of petroleum products in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), ALROSA-Gaz strives to process them as efficiently as possible.”

We might as well add that that the department of chemical technology cooperates with the leading enterprises of the country - Irkutsk Oil Company, 5M3Tech (Moscow), Angarsk Petrochemical Company (a Rosneft company) and others.