INRTU students and staff won 11 grants at the International Forum "Baikal"

INRTU students and staff won 11 grants at the International Forum "Baikal"

Recall that the International Youth Forum "Baikal" was held on 15-18 August in Olkhon district. The event brought together about 600 participants fr om 66 regions of Russia, representatives of Uzbekistan, Belarus and Kazakhstan. INRTU organised the "Entrepreneurship" and "Youth Communities" platforms at the forum.

Students and staff devoted their projects to involving young people in creative, entrepreneurial and scientific and innovative activities. INRTU students presented proposals to develop domestic tourism, student self-governance, and promote healthy lifestyles among young people.

The winners of the All-Russian contest of youth projects from Rosmolodezh/Federal Agency for youth Affairs were announced at the forum's closing ceremony. Alena Tokareva, a senior student of INRTU School of Architecture, Construction and Design, was awarded 70 thousand rubles to organise a series of "Draw a Melody" master classes.

Dmitry Snetkov, a master's student of the INRTU, won an impressive sum of 630 thousand rubles for the educational business marathon "PRO.BUSINESS". The author reported that currently there is no association of young entrepreneurs in the region.

"I suggest starting systematic work in this area, both with existing entrepreneurs and talented young people. As a result of the business marathon, the Irkutsk Youth Economic Forum will be held on the basis of the regional Youth Centre. Its participants will be proactive young people, representatives of business and authorities," Dmitry Snetkov gave more details about the project.

The regional grant contest in the field of youth policy was organised in in-person and distance formats. The results of the in-person stage were announced at the closing ceremony of the Baikal Forum.

The team of INRTU Students' Trade Union Committee will be funded for the carrying out five projects. Alexandra Demina, specialist in organisational work, won the competition "Student Leader", which is organised for leaders of student self-governing structures. Her colleague Anton Koshkin won a grant for the Golden List tourist routes competition.

Alexander Khudeev, an activist of the Students' Trade Union Committee and a third-year student of the School of Architecture, Construction and Design, will use the grant to launch the StudActive educational and sport camp. Vladislav Karlov, head of INRTU Volunteer Association, will receive financial support to organise the SOTNYA Academic Group Leaders Forum.

Another approved project was the festival of power sports "Baikal Storm". The author of the project is Nikita Kuklin, a student and deputy chairman of the student sports club "SportCom INRTU". The two-day sports intensive will take place in autumn on the sites of INRTU. It is expected that 110 participants from universities and colleges will take part in it.

"The event is aimed at promoting power sports. Students will demonstrate their skills in bench press, weight-lifting, streetlifting, wrestling and cross-fit. For the successful carrying out the project I have requested 100 thousand rubles, the final amount of the prize money will be announced in mid-September," added Nikita Kuklin.

INRTU student Andrei Martsenyuk was an extramural participant of the regional grant competition. The experts appreciated the significance of the social and creative school "I hear the world" for young people with disabilities and expressed their willingness to provide financial support.

The jury highly appreciated the Youth Forum "PROpreneurs", which was presented by Irina Byankina, Head of the Youth Policy Department.

To promote engineering creativity, grants will be awarded to Daria Ruleva and Natalia Pervukhina, specialists of the Department for Development of Research and Entrepreneurial Activity of INRTU students.

Daria Ruleva, the Head of the department, presented the RoboArt robotics festival at the forum:

"This event will be organised jointly with the Centre for Youth Innovation Creativity "Baikal", wh ere schoolchildren are trained in programming, robotics, 3D modelling, etc. We intend to involve students into the festival as well. The participants will have to develop combat robots and organise spectacular fights".

Natalia Pervukhina, a specialist in working with scholarship programmes, received funding to organise the Goldberg Machine Engineering Championship. During the tournament, contestants will have to create a path of complex mechanisms built on the domino principle to launch balls.

Photo - VK group Forum "Baikal"