INRTU concert was included in the festival program «Shining of Russia»

According to the Deputy Director of the Center Yulia Markova, the concert was a part of the regional festival «Shining of Russia». INRTU actively participates in this festival more than 20 years:

«The concert program consisted of thematic parts such as «Music of Autumn», «Polyphony - INRTU music» and «Happy Birthday, Irkutsk region»!

The concert started with the meditative composition «Baikal». This is a creative project of the pantomime and plastic improvisation studio «Art-Graphics» and the ethnic percussion studio «Ethnobit».

The «POLifonia» part started with a cover of Diana Arbenina's song performed by the group «Sing, Friend!». The concert featured the INRTU sport anthem written by composer Evgeny Smirnov. The dynamic atmosphere of the sport was emphasized by charleading team and «Etnobit» drummers.

Antonina Nemchenko visited the concert. She devoted more than 20 years of her life to teaching German at INRTU. During the concert she shot a lot of video in order to show them to her granddaughter, INRTU graduate who works as a geologist in the Far East.

«I'm glad I was invited to this wonderful concert. I liked everything, but I was especially impressed by «Kalina», whose first performance I saw 25 years ago. The ensemble has grown artistically. It is a great pleasure to observe success of the talented INRTU youth and Center for Cultural, Mass and Educational Work», - said Antonina Arkadievna.