"Freshman Cup" in 10 Sports started at INRTU

A series of tournaments of the «Freshman Cup» started at Irkutsk Polytechnic University on September 26. Students will have to demonstrate training in 10 popular kinds of sports. The project is organized by the INRTU Sports Club and Alexander Demidov.

The "Freshman Cup" is a traditional event that allows students-newcomers to adapt to the university, learn more about sports sections. The project also helps coaches identify talented athletes, sel ect the best in the main or reserve set of national teams.
The events cycle was opened with competitions in power sports, including powerlifting, kettlebell lifting, and arm wrestling. The students competed on September 26 in the gym of the dormitory No. 1.
The cup continued with a badminton tournament on the sports and recreation area on September 27. The coach of the Polytechnic badminton players is INRTU Professor of the Department of Electric Drive and Electric Transport Gennady Konstantinov. He gave instructions to novice athletes, demonstrated how to handle a racket.

Kirill Maneilov, a first-year student of the School of Information Technology and Data Science, was also interested in badminton competitions.

"I’m also planning to compete for the first olace in table tennis on October 5. I came to badminton for my classmate’s company. I liked this fascinating sport, here you can not only improve physical fitness, but also build a game strategy. I got acquainted with the Polytechnic sports sections on the university’s website, I want to sign up for boxing, because I was engaged in mixed martial arts during my school years," Kirill Mainelov says.

The Freshman Cup was organized on various INRTU sports grounds, including the university stadium, where on September 30 students demonstrated results in track and field cross-country. Athletics, mini-football and orienteering competitions are planned to be held at the stadium.
According to the competition organizers, traditionally most of the participants are represented in game sports. For example, the street ball tournament, which took place in the gym on October 4, attracted about 50 Polytechnic students. Basketball coach Nikolay Baglaev became the chief referee.
The INRTU sports anthem sounded on the solemn tournament opening, the cheerleading team presented their dance performance. Then the team captains took part in the draw, which defined the opponents and the game order.

The first-year student of the School of Subsurface Resource Management Maxim Eroshenko has already joined Polytechnic basketball team. The student plans to win large-scale tournaments, playing INRTU.

"I got interested in basketball when I was in 8th form at the Sayan school. My team became winners of regional and All-Russian competitions.

A group of representatives fr om my School was organized for the street ball tournament. All the guys are experienced basketball players, so they are confident of getting a victory," Maxim said.

Volleyball competitions among boys and girls will be held in the INRTU gym on October 17 and 19. The series of events of the «Freshman Cup» will be completed with an intellectual chess tournament in the Pharmasyntez co-working on October 21.
The most athletic first-year INRTU students will be awarded on October 26 at one of the university’s venues.
All first-year students can take part in the «Freshman Cup» project. You can learn more about the calendar of events by clicking on the link.

Photo by Arseniy Chekmarev