Graphic designer Ekaterina Skuratova shares professional secrets with INRTU students

The event was organised by the v. G. Smagin Department of Monumental Decorative Painting and Design, headed by Dmitry Dorokhin. According to his information, in 2022 the university launched a cycle of meetings with practitioners and distinguished alumni of the department. The aim of the project is to inspire future artists and designers.

In early April the guest of the university was Ekaterina Skuratova, who graduated from INRTU 10 years ago. Having gained an education as a fashion designer, she found herself in graphic design. In tandem with her husband Evgeny, she creates visual and textual content for social networks and does high-quality branding for private companies.

Ekaterina’s clients include the Irkutsk Hotel, Winkel, Buono and Prego. For example, for Buono she came up with a stylish and concise menu design in the form of a newspaper. The talented graduate has worked with Australian manufacturers of interior candles and linen clothing on several occasions.

A special place in SKURATOV-PRODUCTION is occupied by object and advertising photography — food, business cards, and decorative items are transformed through the lens.

During the meeting Ekaterina Skuratova talked about the difficulties she encountered in freelancing, how to correctly set a price for the work and go from receipt to delivery of the order. Polytechnic students also learned a lot of interesting things about modern computer software in design and layout. Students asked questions about the legal intricacies of entrepreneurship.

The event was supervised by Associate Professor Marina Dagdanova. According to the lecturer, the meeting was useful, as it introduced the students to a person who has already achieved a lot, but who started his journey with the university:

«Catherine is an accomplished designer. She thinks it is important to have a basic higher education. In her opinion, only the most extraordinary people can become successful in this environment without special training, but there are very few of them. No single course will provide the skills that can be learned on the university base, for example at INRTU," emphasises Marina Dagdanova.