Baikal Tech Com 2023 training camp was summed up in INRTU

The Baikal Tech Com sports programming training camp finished at the INRTU Technopark on September 16. During the ceremony the winners of the intellectual tournament were awarded, each participant was given Certificates of Honor.

The training camp started on September 9. More than 60 school and university students from Irkutsk, Moscow, Kazan, Chelyabinsk and Tomsk were interested in the event.

The project was organized by the Baikal Tech Competence Centre under the leadership of Kirill Tirskikh, who develops sports programming at INRTU. The partners of Baikal Tech Com 2023 were ISPsystem, Transneft Technology, Forus and MAS Project.

During the week programmers competed in divisions B (professionals) and C/D (beginners). Division B assumed team participation, while in division C/D university and school students competed individually. The program of the event was extended with lectures and a trip to Lake Baikal.

Students of MISIS University of Science and Technology won among professionals. National Research Nuclear University MEPhI took the second place and Representatives of the Moscow Technical University of Communications and Information (MTUCI) closed the top three.

INRTU students Dmitry Azizov, Anton Levin and Sergey Alkhimov also demonstrated good results at the training camp. At the start they competed with beginners, but due to their high level of preparation they were moved to division B.

According to Dmitry Azizov, the team had to solve from two to five problems every day:

"At the beginning of each contest day, there were some interesting lectures on sports programming. We considered such data structure as segment tree, Li Chao tree, got an idea of Fourier transform, pumped up our skills in graph theory.

Almost all of these topics are not easy to apply for solving sports programming problems. We are glad that we managed to perform among professionals, we thank the organizers and coaches of Baikal Tech Com 2023 for the opportunity to master the most complex algorithms".

Roman Livshits, a local student of the Baikal Centre of Technological Competences, became the leader of the beginners' division. Second place was taken by Ivan Ovsyannikov, a student of Irkutsk State University of Railway Transport. Egor Kupriyanov, a high school student of the Baikal Centre of Technological Competences, took the third place.

Summarizing the results of the event, Roman Ishchenko, Chairman of the Baikal Centre of Technological Competences Council, said that every year Baikal Tech Com gatherings are becoming more and more popular:

"The tournament attracts an increasing number of Irkutsk residents and non-resident participants, large partner companies are getting involved.

INRTU provided accommodation and meals for participants from other cities. In addition, more than 20 students from the university joined the tournament and demonstrated a decent level. The key achievement of INRTU students is their transition from beginners to the top league".

According to Roman Ishchenko, participants and sponsors left their signatures on the Baikal Tech Com project's flag at the closing ceremony: 

"We are going to make this our good tradition. I am sure that Irkutsk sports programming platform will only develop. We plan to create an alley of flags signed by participants from various regions in the future".

Photo by Roman Ishchenko