Modernization of master program NETWORKS "COMMUNICATIONS"

The present project is realized by the consortium consisting of 3 European and 4 Russian Universities:

Technical University of Munich, Germany — project coordinator and grant holder
New University of Lisbon, Portugal
Technical University of Catalonia, Spain
National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University — Russian project coordinator
National Research Irkutsk State Technical University (previous name of INRTU)
National Research Moscow State Institute of Electrical Engineering
Siberian Federal University

Term of project implementation: January 15, 2010 — January 14, 2013

Official website of the project:

The overall objective of the project is the modernization of the master program "Networks and communications" in accordance with internationals standards and requirements and its further implementation at Russian partner universities.

The project realization includes the following activities:

  • Modernization / development of the master program, e.g. development of teaching materials, i.e. lecture notes, presentations, textbooks, instructions for practical and laboratory works in Russian and English. ISTU will reform two courses: "Philosophy of natural, human and technical sciences" and "Information security and data protection"
  • Training courses in the issues of Bologna process and ECTS requirements for Russian university staff
  • Long-term and short-term English language training course for Russian staff involved into the project
  • Retraining courses in IT and methodology
  • Equipment of master program with necessary hardware and software
  • Accreditation of the program at German accreditation agency etc.

Supervisor of the master program at ISTU is Dr. Andrey DOROFEEV,
Head of the Department "Computer engineering"

Tel.: +7 3952 405 163

The realization of the project at ISTU:

First year

MoNetCom project realization: the first year

ACTIVITIES & OUTCOMES of the 1-st year realization of Tempus project MoNetCom at Irkutsk State Technical University (ISTU) (15.01.2010 — 15.03.2011)

  1. Coordination meeting at project coordinating institution Technical University of Munich (TUM), February 21-28, 2010
    Participant from ISTU — Dr. S. Bakhvalov
  2. Retraining seminars
    2.1. “Training courses in Bologna process and ECTS requirements”, TUM, February 21-28, 2010
    Participant from ISTU — Dr. S. Bakhvalov
    2.2. “Engineering Education in Europe and Bologna Process”, ISTU, March 22-26, 2010
    Lecturer — Dr. S. Bakhvalov
    Audience — 22 staff-members from the Faculty of Cybernetics and Department for International Cooperation of ISTU.
  3. English language classes for the project participants
    Trainers: N. Druzhinina, N. Korepina
    2 groups, 200 hours per each group
  4. Retraining courses in IT and Methodology
    Internship for the developer of the course “Philosophical issues of natural, humanitarian and technical sciences”, Professor A. Atanov, Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), May 15 — June 15, 2010
    Internship for the developer of the course “Information security and data protection” Professor V. Glukhikh, TUM, May 15 — June 15, 2010.
  5. Development and modernization of syllabi
    — Course “Philosophy of natural, humanitarian and technical sciences” — Professor A. Atanov/ since September 2010 — Professor A. Kuzmicheva
    Draft version of the textbook “Philosophical issues of natural, humanities and technical sciences” (in Russian) — 40%
    — Course “Information Security and data protection” Dr. V. Glukhikh
    Draft version of the textbook “Information Security and data protection” (in Russian) — 100%
  6. Retraining courses at the Russian Universities
    “Mathematical models to characterize and design multilayer IP/DWDM networks” by Prof. Luis Velasco, MIET, February 7-18, 2011: Dr. S. Bakhvalov, Dr. Z. Bakhvalova
    “Next generation internet” by Prof. Jordi Domingo, MIET, February 14-18, 2011: Dr. E. Chernousova, Dr. S. Grigoriev
    “Wireless networks” by Prof. Paulo Montezuma, TPU, February 28-March 04, 2011: A. Petrov, L. Lonshakov.
  7. Equipment purchased
    Notebooks Acer 15’6 — 4 pieces
    Copying machine CANON eR520
    MFD Laser Jet M1522na
    Projector screen “DINON Electric L 180x240 MW”
  8. Dissemination
    Publications in proceedings of the conference “Vinerovskie Chtenia”
Second year

Information coming soon...

Third year

Information coming soon...