13.06.01 Electrical and Thermal Engineering

Power Systems and Complexes

4 years

About the program

The field of professional activity of graduates includes:
 theoretical and experimental research, mathematical and computer modeling, design and design of materials, instruments, devices, installations, equipment complexes for electrical and thermal purposes, as well as a set of technical means, methods and methods of human activity for the production, distribution of electrical and thermal energy, managing its flows and converting other types of energy into heat;
 design, construction, creation, installation and operation of electrical and electronic devices;
 operation of modern industrial enterprises, transport systems, thermal, hydro and nuclear power plants, factories, power lines

Learning outcomes

  • Ability to critically analyze and evaluate modern scientific achievements, generate new ideas in solving research and practical problems, including in interdisciplinary areas;
  • ability to critically analyze and evaluate modern scientific achievements, generate new ideas in solving research and practical problems, including in interdisciplinary areas;
  • willingness to participate in the work of Russian and international research teams to solve scientific and educational problems;
  • readiness for teaching activities in the main educational programs of higher education;
  • willingness to organize the work of the research team in professional activities;
  • ability to develop new research methods and their application in independent research activities in the field of professional activity;
  • ability to choose and apply in independent research activities the necessary scientific methodology, methods and other scientific solutions in the subject area determined by the relevant area of training;
  • readiness for organizational, pedagogical and informational and methodological support for the implementation of educational programs of higher education in the field of professional activity;
  • possession of the methodology for developing the scientific foundations for studying the general properties, creation and principles of functioning of energy systems and complexes, fundamental and applied system research on the problems of developing the energy of cities, regions and the state, the fuel and energy complex;
  • possession of the methodology of research and development of information and network technologies and information security systems in energy systems and complexes.

Career opportunities

Graduates of this PhD program can work in the following institutions and organizations:
- educational organizations implementing higher education programs in the field of electric power industry;
- research organizations that carry out research in the field of power plants and electric power systems;
- design organizations that develop projects for construction and reconstruction of electric power systems, design and manufacture of electrical equipment for power plants and networks, etc.;
- industrial companies involved in the construction, operation, maintenance of electric power system facilities, etc.

Program academic supervisor

Fees and funding

199 000 ₽
Per year

Entrance exams

Applicants take the following entrance exams: - English/Russian language. - A special discipline related to the field of postgraduate program.

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