This course gives students theoretical approaches to the development of their worldview, value-based attitudes to the outer world and social reality. This course is designed to build moral and civic qualities of the individual, develop the evolution of intelligence and increasing the culture of creative thinking of a student. At the same time, the learning of philosophical methodology supports the study of major academic disciplines and thereby favours the professional development of a future specialist.

The goal of mastering the discipline

The course is designed to develop abilities to systematically and critically analysis of philosophical concepts and ideas. One more aim is to provide knowledge and understanding of key differences of cross-cultural diversity of society in ethical and philosophical contexts.

The skills you get

  • • know basic philosophical concepts and categories;
  • • describe the philosophical methods and understand how to apply them to the decision of multicultural problems;
  • • use the skills of philosophical thinking to the formation of system view on social problems;
  • • understand the main regularities of the development of culture and society;
  • • apply philosophical concepts to the analysis of intercultural interaction.

Topics covered

  • 1. Introduction to philosophy. The role of philosophy in the life of society and individual.
  • 2. History of philosophy.
  • 3. The problem of cognition in philosophy. Different forms of cognition. Specificity and typical features of scientific cognition.
  • 4. The hard problem of consciousness. The role of language in the evolution of mankind. Social nature of consciousness.
  • 5. Social philosophy.
  • 6. Philosophical anthropology.

When instructed

  • 3rd year, 2nd semester

List of references and sourses

1.    John Perry, Michael Bratman, and John Martin Fischer. Introduction to philosophy. – Oxford University Press, 2008.
2.     Lewis Vaughn. Philosophy here and now. Powerful ideas in everyday life. – Oxford University Press, 2016.
3.    Bertrand Russel. The history of western philosophy. – Simon & Schuster/ Touchstone, 1967