World ocean conservation

The course gives an idea of
- basic terms, concepts of formation and the current state of the World Ocean;
- main sources of pollution and negative impacts on the oceans and methods of their prevention;
- the prospects for scientific support for the rational resources usage in the World Ocean;
- modern international legal aspects of the World ocean conservation.

The goal of mastering the discipline

To learn theoretical, methodological, and practical research methods of assessing the state and trends of changes in the World Ocean, which are the most important factor in the development of human civilization in the XXI century.

The skills you get

  • Ability to predict environmental disasters and their consequences
  • Ability to plan measures to preclude the consequences of environmental disasters
  • Ability to analyze the causes of environmental accidents and disasters
  • Skills in applying of environmental principles to sustainable nature management
  • Knowledge of methods of processing scientific data and interpretation of results, ability to analyze scientific information critically, professionally arrange and present research results

Topics covered

  • The World Ocean and its use
  • Legal protection of the marine environment
  • Anthropogenic impact on the World Ocean and marine ecosystems
  • Oil pollution of the World Ocean. Sources, consequences and methods of prevention
  • Protection of the marine environment during the freightage
  • Prevention of the World Ocean pollution by coastal sources
  • Damage from marine pollution
  • Sustainable Development of the World Ocean

When instructed

  • 4th year, 1st semester

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