09.06.01 Information Science and Computer Engineering

Automation and Industrial Process Management

4 years

About the program

The research work is carried out on the basis of the department of Automation and Management of Irkutsk National Research Technical University. The practical training is held at the research laboratories of the department of Automation and Management of Irkutsk National Research Technical University.
The field of professional activity of the graduates who have mastered the postgraduate program embraces  science, engineering, technology and pedagogy, covering a set of tasks in the discussed field, including the development of theory, creation, implementation and operation of advanced computer systems, networks and complexes, mathematical tools and software automated control systems for technological processes and production. As a graduate, you will acquire the qualification «Researcher. Teacher-Researcher».

Learning outcomes

  • Ability to carry out scientific research in the field offunctioning of computers, computer networks, creation of elements and devices of computer technology based on modern physical and technical principles;
  • ability to use methods of processing and accumulating information, algorithms, programs, programming languages and human-machine interfaces;
  • ability to develop new mathematical methods and tools to support intelligent data processing;
  • ability to develop information and automated systems for design and management in different subject areas.

Career opportunities

As a graduate in this area of the training, you can carry out professional activities at various organizations and institutions as follows:
• educational establishments;
• research organizations;
• project and design organizations.

Program academic supervisor

Teaching staff

Associate Professor, Senior Researcher: Department of History and Philosophy
Associate Professor: Laboratory of Network Systems and IT Infrastructure
Head of the Center: E-learning Center

Fees and funding

218 900 ₽
Per year

Entrance exams

Applicants take the following entrance exams:
- English/Russian language.
- A special discipline related to the field of postgraduate program.

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