The Geological Seminar at INRTU Attracted Scientists and Industrialists from Russia, Kyrgyzstan, South Africa and Ivory Coast

The X National Scientific and Practical Seminar “Modern Methods of Prospecting, Exploration and Protection of Subsoil” takes place at the Chernorud base on May 20-26. The event is organized by the Siberian School of Geosciences of INRTU (SSG).

Scientists and industrialists from Irkutsk, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Mirny, Bryansk and Bishkek have shown interest in the anniversary seminar. SSG graduate student Onamun Desiree from Ivory Coast and Prof. Valeria Zadorozhnaya from South Africa will also make presentations.

The traditional event is dedicated to the memory of Geliy Vakhromeev and Yuri Davydenko, who worked at the University for many years and made a great contribution to the development of this forum.

The seminar aims to update scientists and practitioners on the latest developments in geophysical and geological-geochemical work and information processing technologies. More than 30 papers will be presented, including equipment demonstrations. The program also includes an archaeological excursion to the Olkhon region.

The seminar began with a plenary report by Konstantin Konstantinov, head of the SSG Geophysics Department, who spoke about petrophysical studies of structural-material complexes of the Olkhon geodynamic polygon. Igor Zuikov, Deputy Director for Science of Al Terra LLC, participates in the forum for the second time. Al Terra LLC, based in the Moscow region, is engaged in geological exploration, geophysical and geochemical works related to subsoil exploration and development of mineral resources.

“I often take part in scientific conferences. The seminar in the Olkhon region attracts by its informal atmosphere and communication with practitioners. It is especially interesting to get acquainted with advanced equipment and to present the combined standing wave method used by our company's employees,” remarks Igor Zuikov.

During a geology seminar, an employee of Al Terra LLC gave two presentations. The first presentation focused on the use of a combined method of standing waves for inspecting the condition of dams and dikes. The second presentation discussed rational complexes of geophysical methods for water prospecting.

Geophysicists Anton Sacharysov and Andrey Fedorov participate in the seminar for the first time as representatives of ALROSA's Geological Exploration Expedition. According to Anton Sacharysov, he had previously presented a paper on the use of 3D electrophotography in the search for kimberlite bodies at a conference in Moscow:

“I decided to share my experience in this area with my colleagues from Irkutsk. At the forum I intend to gain new theoretical and practical knowledge and get acquainted with manufacturers from other regions”.

The seminar includes demonstrations by various geoscience organizations, including the Siberian School of Geosciences, which will present equipment and methodological work. Other organizations such as INRTU, Cycle-Geo, Sigma-Geo, Al Terra, and Tensor M also conduct tests and make presentations at the seminar.