Technology for Engine Repair Developed by INRTU Researchers on Behalf of Irkutsk Oil Company

Researchers at INRTU are developing a technology for repairing engines made of aluminum heat-resistant alloys, commissioned by Irkutsk Oil Company. If the methodology proves successful, the INRTU students will restore complex-shaped structural parts. The research is conducted within the framework of the "Priority 2030" program.

The project team is led by Andrey Balanovskii, Head of the Department of Materials Science, Welding, and Additive Technologies. The team includes Natalia Astafeva, Head of the "Hybrid Additive Technologies" research laboratory, student Sergey Sedukhin, and Pavel Zakharov, a 2024 bachelor’s graduate who is entering the master's program. The commercial project also involves INRTU's target postgraduate students, Ruslan Gusev and Georgiy Mikhailovskii.

According to the INRTU students, cracks have been observed in imported engines during equipment operation. Due to the lack of alternatives, the engines require maintenance, and INRTU welders are developing the repair technology.

"We conducted flaw detection to identify the locations and sizes of through and non-through cracks. Then, we will select the holes and overlay new material using laser and argon-arc welding.

The main task of the team is to develop a technology that not only repairs parts but also increases their wear resistance during prolonged operation," explained Georgiy Mikhailovskii.

It should be added that the theme of the joint project between Irkutsk Oil Company and INRTU aligns with the research interests of the University’s postgraduate students, who are working on increasing the lifespan of parts and machinery through welding and additive technologies.