116 Citizens of Russia, China and African Countries Graduated From the Baikal School of BRICS of INRTU

The Baikal School of BRICS of INRTU has trained 116 graduates, including 33 honor students. Diplomas of higher education were awarded to citizens of Russia, China and African countries.

It should be noted that in 2024 the Baikal School of BRICS is graduating masters for the fourth time and bachelors for the third time. The first graduation in the fields of journalism, artificial intelligence and industrial mathematics took place on July 8.

The solemn ceremony was opened by the rector Mikhail Korniakov, who called the graduates of the Baikal School of BRICS ambassadors of INRTU in the vast global space:

"Today, all of you automatically become members of the INRTU Alumni Association. I wish you success in your life path."

As a gift, the rector performed the song "A man in love with INRTU".

The graduates were congratulated by Ekaterina Nesterova, the chief specialist of the personnel hiring, training and development department of the Regional Personnel Center of the Ilim Group branch in Ust-Ilimsk:

"We invite graduates of the economic field to participate in the Ilim Start program. This opens up the prospect of growth to top positions within three to five years."

Roman Ishchenko, the director of the Baikal Center for Sports Programming, wished the INRTU graduates to develop entrepreneurial skills and actively participate in international activities. This will help graduates provide a competitive advantage to their countries for the next decades.

As noted by the Vice-Rector for International Affairs Stepan Bykov, the students have achieved high results during their studies. He invited the graduates to the master's and postgraduate programs of the School.

Anna Kirienko, the director of the Baikal School of BRICS, called the former students her friends and said that she would be happy to receive letters from them.

Among the students of the School there are multiple winners of university and Russian competitions and contests. These include graduates of the "Ecological Engineering and Pure Energy" program Nikita Vashchuk, Artem Titaev and Vadim Ivanov.

Nikita Vashchuk won German language competitions, successfully performed in athletics competitions. In his second year, he won a grant from the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD for a language internship in Dresden. By the time of graduation, he defended his thesis on the topic of sustainable development (ESG transformation) of the En+ company (scientific supervisor - Professor Valentina Zelinskaya).

"I dreamed of studying at INRTU. The Baikal School of BRICS gave me a unique opportunity to immerse myself in an English-speaking environment. It is much easier to become a participant in an exchange program and go abroad here," noted Nikita Vashchuk.

Liu Shii came from the Chinese province of Liaoning. She entered INRTU because this Russian university is widely recognized in China, and the relations between the two countries are becoming stronger every year. Liu Shii received a master's degree in the MBA program "Economics and Management in International Business", plans to continue her studies in the postgraduate program of INRTU. Studying power engineering in Russian language is her priority.

"I liked everything at INRTU. There is a good campus, competent and kind teachers. I will recommend the University to my Chinese friends," added Liu Shii.

Sikir Sahid Awayomi from Nigeria graduated with honors from the master's program in the field of artificial intelligence and big data. He was provided with a separate room in the dormitory, comfortable conditions helped him to focus on his studies.

Recently, Sikir Sahid Awayomi has applied for a work visa in the Russian Federation. He is confident that he will find a worthy application for his knowledge. By the way, in Irkutsk, Sikir Sahid met an interesting girl who became his fiancée.