Russian Language Summer School for Undergraduates and High School Students from Mongolia Started at INRTU

The II Summer School of Russian language for undergraduates and school students from Mongolia is held at INRTU on June 4-21. Nine people showed interest in the free educational project. The school is organized by the university department of academic mobility, which is headed by Nina Berngard.

Stepan Bykov, Vice-Rector for International Affairs, opened the school by wishing the guests success in their studies.

“For the first time INRTU welcomes future teachers from the Mongolian State University of Education and a student from Ulaanbaatar, Misheel Amarmunkh, and for the second time we welcome children from the Mongolian State University. The opening of the school is timed to coincide with the International Day of the Russian Language, which is celebrated on June 6, the birthday of Alexander Pushkin.

You will be introduced to the theory and practice of Russian speech, immersed in everyday life and visiting sightseeing points. At our university you will improve your skills and when you return to Mongolia you will be ready to work as a teacher or interpreter. We will be glad to invite those who successfully complete the Summer School to a six-month internship,” Stepan Bykov addressed the students.

Nina Berngard also welcomed the students. She introduced her colleagues, who will help them adapt to life in the Russian-speaking environment, and teachers from the Department of Humanities of the Baikal School of BRICS. In addition to lectures and seminars, a rich extracurricular program awaits the students.

“We are glad that you have decided to spend your summer vacation in a productive way and have come to INRTU for language courses. You will have an opportunity to admire the beauty of Lake Baikal, visit the architectural and ethnographic museum “Taltsy” and walk around Irkutsk. However, your main goal is to successfully defend your project and expand your personal and professional horizons,” stated Nina Berngard.

Second-year student from Mongolian State University of Education Shinezun Zhambaljamts is participating in the educational project.

“I lack speaking skills, so I applied for the INRTU Summer School. I am also interested in Russian classic literature and I think that upon completion of the course I will be able to read it in the original,” Shinezun Zhambaljamts shared her plans.

It should be noted that INRTU and Mongolian partners are developing a number of projects related to career guidance of young people and staff training. Thus, in March 2024, a delegation from the INRTU visited Ulaanbaatar. University staff met with foreign students and colleagues. In the course of negotiations with N. Altantugs, Head of the Department of Humanities of Mongolian State University, they discussed the prospects of organizing inclusive education on the basis of INRTU. Representatives of the Institute of Mongolian Studies of Mongolian State University proposed to organize a Mongolian-language summer school. Similar topics were discussed at the career guidance meeting held at the Mongolian State University of Education.