Power Engineering Graduates of INRTU Passed the Foreign Language Qualification Exam with the Best Results

Graduates of the School of Power Engineering of INRTU demonstrated the best result at the foreign language qualification exam. INRTU programmers and subsoil users took the second place. Graduates of the School of High Technologies came in third place.

The project is organized by the staff of the School of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication, headed by Olga Kolmakova. The foreign language qualification exam has been held at the university since 2019 and is mandatory for graduates of bachelor's and specialization courses. Mastery of a foreign language increases the level of competitiveness of graduates in the labor market.

According to Deputy Director Irina Pashaeva, the exam has led to positive dynamics: 

“We note an increase in the level of knowledge, students began to take a responsible approach to the fulfillment of exam tasks. This year, 1075 INRTU students defended their diplomas – more than half of them passed the foreign language exam with ‘good’ and ‘excellent’ grades. The diploma will indicate a foreign language proficiency level of B2.

Many of our graduates know foreign language at C1 level. These guys have successfully mastered the programs “Engineering Foreign Language”, “Interpreter in the sphere of professional communication” and were exempted fr om the exam”.

According to Irina Pashaeva, the university has created all conditions for learning foreign languages: 

"INRTU implements language programs, various cultural educational projects in English. In addition, we have students from different countries, which promotes intercultural communication between students".

The qualification exam, consisting of several parts, started in April. Students passed lexico-grammatical testing, performed reading and listening tasks. The final stage was traditionally the presentation of their final qualification work in a foreign language.

The preparation of graduates was evaluated by an expert committee consisting of teachers of the School of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication, as well as graduate departments of INRTU.

Ilya Arakshinov, a graduate of the School of Power Engineering, noted that he became interested in English at school:

“At the university I significantly improved my level thanks to my teacher Tatiana Valerianovna Kushnareva.
At the exam I did best in the writing part. Like most students, I had difficulties with the speaking part of the exam”.

Pavel Zakharov, who mastered welding production technology at the university, passed both exams with “excellent” marks.

"English has always been difficult for me. I had to make a lot of effort to avoid bad grades. This helped also at the exam, for which I carefully prepared. I especially remember the final stage, wh ere I had to present a scientific study. The experts highly appreciated my report on a method of cleaning metal from corrosion,” shares Pavel Zakharov.

Maria Shevchenko, a graduate of the School of Aircraft Construction, Mechanical Engineering and Transport, shared her impressions of the exam:

“I believe that such final certification motivates students to study foreign languages and increases the competitiveness of INRTU graduates”.