Priority 2030: Opening of a Digital Department in INRTU

INRTU is conducting the preparatory work for the opening of the Digital Department. A new joint project of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media (Russia) is aimed at creating opportunities for advanced training, obtaining new professional skills in Information technology. The project operator is Innopolis University (Republic of Tatarstan).

The head of the E-Learning Center Nikita Lukyanov is engaged for organizating the «Digital department» in INRTU. He emphasizes that students whose basic education is not related to programming are given an excellent opportunity to obtain additional qualifications and better navigate information technology.

INRTU has developed additional professional programs/programs of professional retraining in IT jointly with industrial partners and industry experts.

In total, three programs have been involved. The first one is dedicated to the web resources promotion and design. All sophomores of the School of Information Technology and Data Science will additionally study two hours a week. The project partners are the LLC Company IRK.Ru, a full-cycle advertising agency «Pautina», a web designing studio The program is supervised by the head of the Center for Software Engineering Vadim Arshinsky.

Students who do not study in IT areas, such as power engineers, economists, miners, etc., will have to master the development of applied software in Python.
We offer an additional professional program «Development of applied software for data analysis and management» for INRTU students studying the courses, close to IT, for example, mechanical engineering.
It is planned that the partners of these two additional programs under the leadership of Associate professor of the INRTU Center for Software Engineering Mikhail Katashevtsev will be the companies «Summa IT», «En+ Digital». The educational partner is the HSE Faculty of Computer Science.
All programs have the following schedule of mastering: until September 25, the first assessment in Innopolis, the second exam until December 25, the final one — until May 25. The final certification of the course in the form of project protection will be held at INRTU," Nikita Lukyanov said.
It is planned that the students admission for «Digital Department» begins in September and will amount to at least 1,200 second-year undergraduate and third-year specialist students.
After successful program completion and thesis defense in May 2023, they will receive state-issued diplomas on professional retraining.
Practical training in a specialized sphere is a mandatory element of training for students. INRTU students will practice in the following companies: LLC NI and PI «TOMS», PJSC «RUSAL Bratsk», LLC «Irkutsk Oil Company», LLC «Baikal Energy Company», JSC «Baikalenergo», LLC «EuroSibEnergo-engineering», LLC «Irkutsk Power Supply Company», JSC «Irkutsk Electric Grid Company», Irkutsk Aviation Plant — a branch of PJSC Irkut Corporation, LLC NPF Forus.
A necessary project requirement for universities is to attract employees from the organizations of the real economy sector and expert practitioners as teachers. INRTU invites specialists from Summa IT LLC,, ISEM SB RAS and En+ Digital LLC.
INRTU organized an online course in the Higher School of Economics for university employees applying for the creation of a «digital department». The course «2.0_Python as a foreign language» consisted of 15 webinars. 20 talented young teachers who have worked in  Information Technologies for at least two years were sent for training.

One of the INRTU promising teachers is the administrator of the University Center «Robotics» Elizaveta Baksheeva. She noted that the online course from the HSE is not for beginners, and full assimilation of new knowledge is possible only if the listener already knows at a basic level any programming language:

«In addition, the webinars provided an opportunity to gain theoretical fundamental knowledge in the field of machine learning and neural networks, to see the applicability of Python in these areas.

The course „2.0_Python as a foreign language“ helped me to master the language sufficiently to transfer the tools and capabilities of Python to non-core DPO students that they can use in their professional activities.»

Photo of the INRTU press service
Reference: The project «Digital Departments» is implemented within the framework of the state project «Development of human resources in the IT industry» of the national program «Digital Economy of the Russian Federation». Students of all majors have the opportunity to enroll them. Training starts from September 2022 for 300 educational programs in 115 Russian universities, including universities that participate in the program of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation «Priority 2030»,.

It is expected that in 2022 the number of enrolled students in the Digital Departments project will amount to more than 80 thousand people, and by 2024 it will exceed 147 thousand.