New Year Fair at INRTU: Father Christmas' Post Office and Gifts From the Rector

On 20-21 December INRTU hosted a New Year's Fair. The INRTU students packed festive sets of Christmas tree toys, decorative candles, jewellery and other nice little things. The guests tasted non-alcoholic mulled wine, wrote a letter to Ded Moroz (Father Christmas) and enjoyed the performances by the university's creative teams - participants of the Mittens Festival.

The results of the INRTU Makes Wishes Come True campaign were announced at the festive concert. Rector Mikhail Kornyakov randomly selected only three out of 512 unique wishes. The first was to help the Dog Angel shelter, which is supported by Tatiana Bryanskikh, a senior lecturer at the Department of Road Machines and Hydraulic Systems. At the request of Vera Trifonova, a student of the pop vocal studio, the master will tune the piano in the White Hall. Student Vitaly Alekseev received a two-year subscription for a bun in the INRTU canteen.

Sergey Anosov, Vice Rector for Campus and Corporate Management, Stepan Bykov, Vice Rector for International Activities, Daria Lobanova, Vice Rector for Youth Policy, Andrey Zakharchenko, Head of the Department of Informatization and Natalia Vostrikova, Head of Central Admissions Department also became "magicians".

The lucky winners received ficus cuttings, a certificate for a bouquet of lilies for the birthday girl's mother, an opportunity to broadcast on MCM radio, a donation to the Tomasina cat shelter, and more.

A fair was organized for the INRTU students in the university lobby, combining 15 thematic locations. For example, student Yana Polonskaya offered plastic products - plastic figures, chess sets, mobile toys and biscuit cutters.

The V.V. Tuturina Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology treated the guests to non-alcoholic mulled wine, the preparation of which could be watched by everyone.

Arina Bubrikova, a second-year student at the School of High Technologies, presented yarn baskets at the fair, which can make a good New Year's gift.

"Creativity has been with me all my life. I finished art school in three years instead of five. Later I started knitting toys, and now I make baskets for storing household items, fruit and sweets. For mandarins and other "tasty" symbols of the New Year, baskets in the shape of Christmas trees are suitable. I recommend to get acquainted with the whole range in the Telegram channel," - said Arina Bubrikova.

At the fair it was possible to buy jewellery made of glass and polymer clay, fabric accessories with natural motifs, as well as candles, perfumes and much more. The INRTU Student Union taught guests how to make paper toys for the Christmas tree and how to wrap presents.

Photo by Arseny Chekmaryov