Modified Shaft Profiling Station LIS 1M Ready for Mass Production

Semyon Gridnev, chief designer of INRTU Center for Surveying and Geodesic Innovations, announced that LIS 1M mine shaft profiling station is ready for mass production.

LIS 1M is an improved modification of the world's first automated scanning station for profiling vertical mine shafts LIS 1 (laser measuring system). The device developed under the Priority 2030 federal program is actively used in mining enterprises and is included in the Import Substitution Exchange catalog. INRTU equipment is in great demand among miners, as safety regulations require that vertical mines be inspected every three years. INRTU surveyors have profiled mines at the Berezovsky Mine, the Polar Branch of Norilsk Nickel (Skalisty Mine), the Priargunsky Production Mining and Chemical Association, the Kholbinsky Mine (Buryatzoloto), the Gremyachinsky processing plant (EuroChem-VolgaKaliy).

According to Semyon Gridnev, in March both modifications of the station were tested by the All-Russian Research Institute of Metrological Service and all their metrological characteristics were confirmed.

LIS 1 is a station proven by time and experience in various difficult conditions, but it consists of more than 1200 parts, the electronics is insulated with compound and cannot be repaired. The modified LIS 1M station has far fewer parts, low weight and high maintainability. The high-tech, one-piece milled design allows 90% of the station parts to be manufactured in two set-ups on a CNC milling machine.

The stations operate in aggressive conditions that affect the wear of the battery and other elements of the device. While previously LIS 1 malfunctioned, the developers had to completely replace the controllers, now the new station is light, simple and reliable. It is an order of magnitude closer to the "golden section", as the designers say, so the new station can be called more ergonomic and technological.

The advantage of LIS 1M is that it can be used not only in vertical, but also in inclined shafts. In the next modifications Semyon Gridnev plans to adapt the device to work in horizontal planes. This will make it possible to use LIS 1M to inspect the rails of horizontal mine workings, including tunnels.

The chief designer added that the mining companies have already appreciated the LIS 1M station:

"This is a well-proven device that has worked well. However, LIS 1M is likely to replace its predecessor in the next few years. This will happen due to a number of advantages and the new design of the station, which will be further developed into an explosion-proof version. "

Photo by INRTU Press Service