Irkutsk Polytech organized Pancake Fair in honor of Maslenitsa

INTRU held Maslenitsa festivities on February 20. Students invited everyone to the fair, opened in front of Baikal School of BRICS building. The guests were entertained by a festive performance.

Rector of INRTU Mikhail Korniakov thanked the organizers of the event for the great mood:

"Traditionally, on the first day of the Maslenitsa week, people visit their friends. When I got acquainted with the participants of the fair, I saw how creatively Polytech students celebrate the holiday. You dance, sing, serve sweets. Happy Maslenitsa to everybody!"

The first pancake, baked by Rector Mikhail Korniakov, was received by Oleg Papin, a sophomore at the College of Geological Exploration.

"I came to Maslenitsa with the team of dormitory № 7. Following the tradition, we made pancakes with sour cream, apricot and strawberry jam. It is said that a pancake baked by the rector brings good luck in the session," Oleg Papin shared his impressions.

Anna Zhunda, a senior student of the School of Economics, Management and Law, a representative of the dormitory № 9, welcomed guests with noisy ditties and dances. She offered the participants to try pancakes with different fillings and drinks.

"The organizers collected the best cheerful ditties to cheer up the holiday guests. We say goodbye to winter, meet spring, dance and enjoy the delicious pancakes," - says Anna Zhunda.