INRTU student Alexander Dimov successfully completed an exchange semester at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology (Poland)

Alexander Dimov, a student of the School of High Technologies, completed his studies within the academic exchange program at partner- university of INRTU - Wroclaw University of Science and Technology (WUST). He has been studying the courses at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering for a semester.

Alexander went to Poland at the end of September. He got interested in the academic exchange program after watching the videos of INRTU graduate student Alexander Shobogorov, where he shared his impressions of a trip to Wroclaw.

Alexander Dimov became a student of WUST for one semester thanks to good academic performance, as well as knowledge of English at the B2-level and support of the INRTU Exchange Office staff.

In Irkutsk Polytechnic University Alexander is a fourth-year student and his major is Automation of Technological Processes and Productions. In Poland he mastered such courses as the Basics of Mathematical Control, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Information Technology.

Alexander said that he received competencies in Management and improved his language skills in English:

"Many courses were aimed at graduate students, so it was difficult to cope with the workload. However, I’ve managed to demonstrate excellent academic performance in the study disciplines, related to IT and automation of production.

I liked the approach of the Polish teaching staff. They give information in different ways, and if a student does not understand anything, they will explain it individually.

Group tasks helped improve communication with groupmates. I came to the conclusion that foreign students are very diligent, even when performing simple tasks, they carefully process, structure information, choosing the best option. Such experience can be adopted in the preparation of the final qualifying work."

According to Alexander, the education process started in full-time format, and then, due to the epidemiological situation, the students were transferred to the distance learning:

"Wroclaw University of Science and Technology is a large and great university. Each building is stylized based on the subject of the faculties. For example, the recreation areas of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering are decorated with racing cars. There are many comfortable places for self-study on the campus."

In Wroclaw, the Polytechnic student rented a dormitory room and paid about 10 000 rubles/month (excluding utilities). A student from Portugal, David Patis was Alexander’s neighbour. Also he met young people from Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Korea and Albania.

"I am fond of music, so I took a microphone and other equipment from the music studio with me. David and I recorded a joint track in Russian and Portuguese. We are currently in touch, working on the composition.

Thanks to the academic exchange program, I have significantly improved my English skills - I can clearly express my thoughts, I understand English-speaking people. I watch movies; listen to music, read foreign media news, as well as interesting scientific articles related to my future profession. In such a short period, it turned out to completely overcome the language barrier – it's cool!"

In free time, Alexander managed to visit the Czech Republic, Italy and Greece.

"The exchange program helped to broaden my mind, compare life in Russia with other countries. I realized that I was lucky to be born and grow up in Siberia. We have good quality products here, many beautiful places, sincere and sympathetic people," the student added.