INRTU Forum "Baikal Science: Organization of Production" was supported by participants from the Russian Federation, Croatia and South America

The conference "Baikal Science: Organization of Production" was held at INRTU. The participants discussed questions of ecology and implementation of management at enterprises. This forum was organized by the team of "Innovation: Investment Engineering" under the guidance of Vladimir Konukhov, the head of "Innovation" section of the Department of Automation and Control.

Presentations in a mixed format were given by students, professors, employees of universities and companies in Russia, Europe and South America.

"This conference is a special event. For the first time we held the forum together with external partners, namely with the "Save Baikal!" Foundation. New foreign participants also joined us. These are Alexander Sinitsyn, professor of National University of Colombia, and Petrunina Kristina, graduate of INRTU and executive director of the project (Croatia)," Vladimir Konukhov said.

Representatives of Save Baikal! Natalia Chubko and Olga Shilova told about the project "Eco-Technologies as the Booster of Regional Development". As Olga Shilova, the deputy chairman of the Foundation, emphasized, the program is aimed at finding high-tech environmental technologies that can be implemented at the enterprises of the Angara region. Let us remind you that the selection of polytechnic initiatives was started in February. Experts have considered more than 10 projects of INRTU. They concern the reduction of the negative impact on the environment by subsoil use objects, creation of bioremediation technologies, normalization of the sanitary and hygienic conditions.

Professor Alexander Sinitsyn from Columbia presented a report on earthquake prediction by studying proton activity. Kristina Petrunina (Croatia) talked about how to build a career in the face of market instability.

Most of the student presentations were devoted to the quality management system (QMS). Of particular interest to the audience was the presentation of Maria Teturkina, a master's student of the School of High Technologies. The author shared her experience in developing QMS for LLC "Planeta-Auto" as a part of her diploma work. The company specializes on auto body repair in the region. Maria works as a colorist at this enterprise, and in the future she will take up the managerial functions.
According to the author, implementation of QMS will give "Planeta-Auto" many advantages, including increased quality of services, reduction of economic costs and losses, participation in tenders on favorable terms. The topic of quality management became especially topical when due to sanctions there were disruptions in supplies of spare parts and paint and varnish materials from Western manufacturers. According to the master's student, the lack of goods can be compensated by concluding contracts with Chinese suppliers and opening representative offices of Chinese companies in Russia.

"By interacting with Chinese partners our company will be able to expand its activities. This will allow us not only to deal with the body repair, but also to act as intermediaries between the Asian and domestic markets, "- said Maria.

Vladimir Dvornichenko, lecturer of the Department of Automation and Control, devoted his report to the partnership between INRTU and JSC Corporation of Development of the Irkutsk region. The parties signed a cooperation agreement at the beginning of this year.

As noted Vladimir Dvornichenko, one of the stages of cooperation is a joint research plan for the next two years. Department of Automation and Control proposed about 10 research directions, among which there is the development of the set of documents for creation of the regional venture company, and training of investment managers on the basis of INRTU IRCC.