«Hydrotechnologies of Siberia» company plans to implement in production technological solutions of INRTU students

The environmental hackathon winners were congratulated by Rector of INRTU Mikhail Korniakov on November, 7. The teams «Technologists» and «Einstein's Slippers» won the main prize in the amount of 70 thousand rubles

The hackathon was launched on September 20. It was aimed at developing an integrated scheme for the recycling of waste oils. In engineering case were involved students and graduate students of INRTU. In total 14 teams.

The teams «Einstein's Slippers», «Technologists», «Technovatics» and «Enthusiasts» reached the defense. The finalists presented their initiatives at the INRTU «Boiling Point» on November, 2. Project solutions were evaluated by Alexander Gudz and Artyom Builov, employees of «Hydrotechnologies of Siberia».

«We plan to hold a meeting on implement the best initiatives in the production process. Within two months the students succed to develop effective technologies which not only reduce the burden on the environment, but also make production more economical», - said Alexander Gudz.

The jury appreciated «Einstein's Slippers» technological solution. Mikhail Vasiliev, Valery Toporkov, Danil Volygin, Ivan Nechaev and Roman Maslennikov proposed to return the used oils to the turnover by means of magnetic separation, microwave and chemical purification.

Team captain Mikhail Vasilyev, a second-year student of the School of High Technologies, noted that chemical cleaning includes acid treatment, bleaching with bleaching clay and neutralization with alkali:

«This sequence of chemical procedures can give a «second life» to the engine oil. Our team conducted filtration experiments at the joint INRTU and «Hydrotechnologies of Siberia» Center for Industrial Ecology. I got valuable experience in solving real production problems, learned how to work with modern equipment».

The team «Technologists» proposed to make plastic greases from used oils to increase the service life of bearings, hubs, joints etc

«Such a case study solution can be easily implemented in production by completely recycling used oils. The technique closes the company's environmental request and allows for additional profits through the sale of greases. In the future we are going to improve this case with the company. We plan to produce a large volume of grease to make more detailed calculations», - said Danila Suturin, captain of the «Technologists» team.

The representatives of «Hydrotechnologies of Siberia» company also appreciated the design solutions of the teams «Enthusiasts» and «Technovatics». All the participants were given certificates and collections of modern literature in various fields.