New joint educational program "Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science" under the agreement between INRTU and University of Finance and Economics (Mongolia)

INRTU and University of Finance and Economics (Ulanbaatar, Mongolia) have signed an agreement on the implementation of a joint educational program in English «Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science».

Following the results of two years of study in Irkutsk, Mongolian students will receive bachelor’s degrees in the field of Computer Science and Computer Engineering.

Founded in 1924 as a School of Customs Officers, UFE is one of the oldest universities in the country. The University trains specialists in Mathematics, Economics, and IT-technologies. The beginning of cooperation between INRTU and UFE was the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding in June last year. In autumn, a delegation fr om Mongolia visited INRTU.

In April, both rectors of INRTU and UFE Mikhail Kornyakov, and Bambadash Munkhbayar signed an agreement on the educational program of double graduation in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. On the Russian side, the project is implemented by the School of Information Technology and Data Science.

According to Larisa Chechetkina, adviser of the Vice-Rector for International Affairs at INRTU, Mongolian citizens will spend the first two years in Ulaanbaatar. They will study first two academic years according to the study plan in UFE  («Business Management», major «Information Systems»). Then they may go to Irkutsk for their 3-d and 4-th academic year, wh ere they will be immersed in the program «Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science». The project has been successfully implemented at INRTU since 2019.

The courses that students will study at home university will be transferred to INRTU study plan. All classes in Russia will be held in English under the guidance of Russian and foreign lecturers.

Students will learn how to use Python for Data Analysis, Processing and Visualization. They will master neural network programming using Keras, TensorFlow, PyTorch, and business application development. Special attention at the lectures will be paid to the study of advanced technologies in the field of NLP. This is text processing by machine learning and using neural networks.

Graduates will be able to work as engineers in machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, to prove themselves in Data Science and Programming. Such specialists are in demand in large energy and metallurgical companies, in mechanical engineering, banking and trade. The Bachelor’s degree is supported by the leading players of the global microelectronics market — Korean SAMSUNG and Chinese HUAWEI.

It is important for applicants to have good academic performance, to speak English confidently. Before enrolling, they need to pass a comprehensive test in the field of training and pass an English test. The selection will be completed by July 10, i.e., when the final list for transfering to Irkutsk Polytechnic University will be formed.

UFE students scored 181–200 points after testing are suggested to get a discount of up to 35% of the tuition fee. Foreign students will be settled in a comfortable dormitories.

«Most of the English-language programs, including double degree programs, at the university are implemented by the Baikal School of BRICS. The emergence of international initiatives in the  other INRTU Schools, in particular in School of Information Technology and Data Science, is a significant event. It testifies to the international recognition and increased competitiveness of the university in the world market of educational services," Larisa Chechetkina emphasized.

In INRTU this program is led by Professor of the School of Information Technologies and Data Science Alexander Afanasyev . Irina Imedeeva, Head of the Department for Eurasian Cooperation of the UFE, provided support in the preparation of the agreement on the coordination of curricula from the Mongolian side.

Anna Melentyeva, Head of the International Admission office, is ready to advise on enrollment (tel.: +7-3952-40-52-15, e-mail:

For training questions, please contact the Deputy Director of the Department for Bachelor’s Degree Programs of UFE Sukhbaatar Hosbayar (e-mail: