16 master's students from INRTU have become finalists of the Vladimir Potanin Scholarship Program

Sixteen undergraduates of INRTU became finalists of the Vladimir Potanin Charity Foundation scholarship program. The University students will compete for a monthly scholarship of 25 thousand rubles in the second stage. The award will be paid to the winners until they finish their Master's degree program.

This season, 6,410 people from 75 leading Russian universities expressed interest in the competition. Based on the results of the plagiarism check, 3,424 applications were accepted. The result of the extramural examination ensured that 2,000 applicants made it to the finals.

The official press release from Natalia Shulgina, director of the Potanin Foundation programs, notes that every year the activity and involvement of the participants grows:

"The number of applicants was 12 percent higher than last season. The quality of applications also improved, with a 12 percent decrease in plagiarism."

Tatiana Alekseeva, a master's student of INRTU, who is studying on a joint double diploma program with BSEU in economics and law, became a finalist of the scholarship program. Tatiana is a pro-active person. She heads the community "Irkutsk Dvizhok\Area of the Young".

"I take part in professional competitions and conferences with great interest. For example, in November I won a grant to organize the project "PRODVIZHENIE of the Irkutsk city.

At the first stage of the scholarship program, we were asked to prepare several essays in which we described how winning would influence our life strategy and outlined our plans for the next five years," says Tatiana Alexeeva.

Kristina Shostak, a second-year master's student at the School of Power Engineering, also managed to successfully overcome the qualifying round. She graduated from EuroSibEnergo-INRTU Corporate Training and Research Center in 2021. At present Kristina combines her studies at the polytechnic with her work at one of En+ enterprises.

"Last season I also did well in the first round of the scholarship contest. I hope that this year I will be among the winners," Kristina Shostak shared her plans.

Another finalist, Artur Avetisyan, a first-year master's student, is studying "Intelligent Power Supply Systems" at Irkutsk Technical University. During his undergraduate studies, he received scholarships from the government and the President of the Russian Federation, and a scholarship from the Vernadsky Foundation.

One of Arthur's research projects in the field of energy was carried out under the guidance of INRTU associate professor Dmitry Yefimov. The results of the work were published in a highly rated Russian journal.

In the first semester Artur Avetisyan won a grant from Productstar, an international online school, to take the "Java Developer" course. He added that studying at Irkutsk Technical University gives students the opportunity to do science at a high quality level and receive prestigious scholarships:

"The Potanin Foundation's award of 25 thousand rubles is a significant support for young scientists. I am determined to make the most of my potential in the final competition."