155 INRTU students completed internships at the Irkutsk Aviation Factory

The students of the School of Mechanical Engineering and Transport acted as assistant to the foreman in the assembly workshops, completing paperwork and preparing the day's assignments for the workers.

As a part of internship the heads of aviation plant subdivisions met the novice specialists. Interns were introduced to production plans.

Danil Afanasiev, a future aircraft builder, shared his impressions after working for a week in the assembly shop:

"Got more familiar with the working conditions, learned about safety. The main job is to fill in passports and other documentation".

The student plans to spend the next two weeks working "on the iron", that is, assembling the aircraft.

The Irkutsk Aviation Plant relies on young people. Currently, the company employs 736 people under the age of 25, of whom 560 have been employed over the past year and a half. One third of the young professionals are working in engineering positions. It should be noted that attention is paid not only to the development of professional potential of young employees. The company's youth policy is aimed at retaining personnel and concerns various areas of activity. The Youth Council of IAZ holds professional competitions and scientific conferences, sports and entertainment events (among them, a quiz, beauty contest, toy library, camping, hiking, TRP, free fitness), environmental events (planting trees, helping animals, collecting waste paper). Every young employee can find like-minded people and activities to his or her liking.