09.04.02 Information systems and technology

IT in Geology (English program)

2 years

About the program

The program aims to develop a full range of knowledge in the field of "smart digital geology" - from understanding the evolution of the Earth and practical skills in geological prospecting to the development of digital equipment and the use of geographic information systems and AI to process large geodata. There will be no significant “black spots” in modern applied earth sciences for graduates.

Everyone who has any engineering or earth science education can apply for this program. What matters is their desire to intensively acquire universal competencies in the field of “digital geosciences”.
If undergraduates have good study results, we guarantee them the scientific and industrial work  in the Siberian School of Geosciences during their studies, gaining experience and earnings.
Educational practice takes place at the unique geological test site Chernorud near the Lake Baikal - a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The program is a unique combination of Engineering, IT and Geosciences with the result that students spend time both in research labs and outdoors.
The study cases students are working on are very knowledge-intensi

Learning outcomes

  • Basic knowledge in geosciences, sufficient for independent practical activities.
  • Programming in high-level languages
  • The basics of creating electronic equipment and robotic systems
  • Geographic information systems - universal (QGIS, ArcGIS, MapInfo) and mining (Micromine, Oasis Montaj)
  • Mathematical and geostatistical data analysis
  • Fundamentals of Machine Learning
  • 3D modeling of the geological environment
  • Practical skills in the creation and application of unmanned air and water systems in geosciences

Career opportunities

The field of GIS technologies in the geological industry is interesting, modern, containing many unsolved problems and, importantly, provided with the financial resource. This makes the graduates of the master's program "IT in Geology" in demand at the mining and geological industry and in the academic sector in positions such as: GIS Engineer, Data Processing Specialist, Geological Team Leader, Operator of UAV for ERS, Geoscientist.

Program academic supervisor

Teaching staff

Associate Professor, Director of Marketing and Project Education: Siberian School of Geosciences
Head of the Department: Department of Geo-Ecology
Head of the Department: Department of Geoinformatics
Senior Teacher: Department of Ore Geology
Head of the Department: Department of Ore Geology
Head of the Department: Department of Geophysics
Senior Researcher: Department of Geophysics

Fees and funding

245 000 ₽
Per year

Entrance exams

A computer test in major subject.

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