Studio "Ethnobit" organized a "Quiet Concert" at the Big Irkutsk Planetarium

The ethnic percussion studio "Ethnobit" of INRTU organized its first "Quiet Concert" at the Great Irkutsk Planetarium. University drummers played melodic glucophones, ravvastas and kalimbas. The musicians also performed compositions with singing bowls, "rain sticks" and gunguru (Indian bell).

According to the head of "Ethnobit" Natalia Vlasevskaya, students and senior members of the group performed at the concert. Among them were Yuri Gerasimov, the studio's teacher, and Maria Ikhiritova, director of the Center for Cultural and Educational Work of INRTU.

"The idea to organize such an event at the planetarium was expressed by Yuri Gerasimov. At first only one concert was planned, but we received a great response from the audience and performed twice.

The audience was used to seeing the bright and resonant "Ethnobit" numbers. Here we decided to present a new format - an ambient concert. The sound of drums was complemented by melodic instruments and percussion.

We would like to express our gratitude to the planetarium employees Dmitry Semenov and Mikhail Merkulov. The specialists prepared graphic accompaniment for our concert, which was broadcasted on the dome", - says Natalia Vlasevskaya.

Together with the INRTU students, guest artists - vocalist Maria Korneva, Maria Kushnarenko played the flute and keyboards.

The concert program included seven musical etudes. The event began with a number "Journey" lasting almost 30 minutes. The audience could immerse themselves in a state of meditation under the sounds of udonga, frame, kalimba and ravvast.

The audience was then presented with the etudes "Starry Sky" and "Treble". Night in Linesia was accompanied by Maria Korneva, who showed Konakol (vocal imitation of sounds and rhythms of percussion instruments). At the end the artists performed an energetic composition "Dildara".

"We are happy that we were successful with this performance. "Ethnobit" received a lot of positive feedback, both from fans of our creativity and from new audiences. "The Quiet Concert" allowed us to reload after a busy school year and get inspiration for our next creative projects," Natalya Vlasevskaya shared her impressions.