Students of School of Information Technology and Data Science of INRTU completed internship at Varwin IT-company in St. Petersburg

INRTU students Igor Nikitin and Alexey Zakharov successfully completed internship at Varwin IT-company in St. Petersburg. The students studied the principles of visual programming in the Varwin XRMS VR designer, developed a series of objects and locations of virtual content

Varwin company specializes in the development of VR solutions using the authentic software. The organization creates projects for industrial enterprises, educational and medical institutions, marketing, retail, etc.

Fourth-year students Igor and Alexey study information technologies at INRTU. They became interested in VR programming after studying "Project activity" in university. Under Alexey Govorkov’s supervision, director of the Institute of Information Technology and Data Analysis, they created a digital twin of an aircraft manufacturing enterprise using Unity platform.

"Alexey Sergeevich highly appreciated our competence in VR technologies, offered to take internship in St. Petersburg. INRTU took over the costs of the round-trip flight, we took care of accommodation ourselves. Varwin employees warmly welcomed us, provided a workplace, appointed an experienced mentor.

During internship, we have developed various locations and facilities that will be integrated into the Varwin Education software product in the future. I was interested in creating fairy-tale worlds, a Scandinavian village. It was important for me to make details of the virtual world perfect," said Alexey Zakharov.

According to Igor Nikitin, the internship in St. Petersburg allowed to consolidate theoretical knowledge:

"We also understood work organization in a large company. During the month we got immersed into the world of virtual technologies, discovered new IT-spheres.

The competencies will surely help me in my studies and further professional activities, which I plan to devote to computer games development."

In their free time, our students got acquainted with the sights of Saint Petersburg. They visited the “Peterhof State Museum-Reserve” , the Catherine Palace, the Botanical Garden of Peter the Great and the museum "Kuntskamera".

Varwin Education software product has been implemented into theINRTU educational program within the framework of the Priority 2030 Program. In 2022, Varwin CEO Sergey Gostevskikh awarded Alexey Govorkov with a diploma for the active use and implementation of VR projects at Varwin Education.