Prospects of co-operation in AI discussed with Professor Dong Haizhong of Beijing Jiaotong University

INRTU employees discussed with Professor Dong Haizhong of Beijing Jiaotong University the prospects of cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence (AI)

The participants of the meeting from the side of INRTU were the Vice-Rector for Research Aleksandr Kononov, the Director of the Centre for International Services Assia Kontrimovich, the Head of the International Office Nina Berngard, the Professor of the School of Information Technologies and Data Analysis Alekandr Afanasev, the Head of the Transport Laboratory Aleksandr Mikhailov, and an Associate Professor of the Department of Automobile Transport Alexey Levashev.

According to Professor Dong Haizhong ofBeijing Jiaotong University, she supervises a group of students studying artificial intelligence at her university. There is a great interest in scientific activities, as well as in preparing students for the stage of study in master's and postgraduate programmes.

Aleksandr Afanasev expressed interest in scientific research in the field of artificial intelligence. According to his information, more than 100 students are currently studying the English-taught bachelor's programme in this area at INRTU. In Russian, 50 students are studying AI. Prof Afanasev noted the need for students to undergo internships in China.

Aleksandr Mikhailov said that employees of his laboratory together with colleagues are working on transport systems of cities:

 "This is a global issue. We are investigating the direction related to machine vision. As of today, about 15 PHD students have been trained".

According to Alexey Levashev, transport modelling and software development, creation of clusters in IT, transport and urban planning are of mutual interest.

Vice-Rector Aleksandr Kononov paid attention to the prospects of participation in scientific research. He made a proposal to organize meetings with Chinese colleagues in online format in the nearest future for more detailed communication and discussion of issues and topics of interest to both sides.

As Nina Berngard emphasized that INRTU is interested in developing cooperation with the PRC:

 "It is pleasant to realize that during today's meeting our colleagues managed to show the accents in their activities, as well as to reveal the relevance of many topics. Our university fully supports the development of relations in the academic, educational, cultural and linguistic spheres, among others."

During the visit the colleague from the Chinese university was able to visit the research laboratory of high-performance machining technologies, which is headed by Associate Professor Andrey Savilov. Professor Dong Haizhong was able to assess the practical work of a Vietnamese PhD student who researches and organizes the process of milling cutters manufacturing.

Professor Dong Haizhong visited the INRTU Mineralogical Museum after the meeting.