Open Day for International Students was held at INRTU

On March 21, an Open Day for international students of the Preparatory department was held at INRTU. The event included a presentation of educational programs, a quiz and guided tours around the University's scientific laboratories.

The event was opened by Daria Zandraeva, Head of the International Admission Office, who presented the most popular areas of study and extracurricular activities at INRTU.

"When enrolling in INRTU, you can choose one of nine Schools. Oil and Gas engineering, Geological exploration, IT technologies, Design and Economics are among the top directions. Those willing to study in English are also offered to consider Baikal School of BRICS. There will also be an opportunity to get two diplomas - that of INRTU and that of our partner university.

The chance of getting a tuition discount is increased by achieving high scores on the entrance exams in math, English, or essay writing," Daria Zandraeva noted.

Anastasia Khrustaleva, Leading Specialist of the Center for International Services, drew the students' attention to the list of documents required for studying in Russia. These are an international passport with a valid visa, a migration card, temporary registration, medical insurance and a green card. International students must undergo mandatory state dactyloscopic registration, a photo, and a medical examination within 90 days of crossing the Russian border. In addition, the validity of the international passport is to be monitored.

A quiz was also held for the participants of the Open Day. The winners were given souvenirs with the INRTU logo.

Ejilimalu Franklin Ndubuisi, who arrived in Irkutsk from Nigeria on March 18, attended the Open Day.

He is determined to learn Russian and master IT professional skills.

"My friends study at INRTU. They told me that here you can improve your knowledge of Mathematics and become a Data Analyst. At the meeting, I learned about INRTU sports clubs and got interested in volleyball and tennis, which I used to play quite well at home.

During a few days at the university, I got to know my professors and made friends with students from other countries. I was accommodated in a comfortable dormitory with nice, helpful people," said Ejilimalu Franklin Ndubuisi. 

The most interested participants went on a tour of the scientific laboratories at the INRTU Technopark and the University's main building. The most interested participants went on a tour of the scientific laboratories at the INRTU Technopark and the University's main building. Petr Grib, Senior Lecturer of the Oil and Gas Engineering Department, briefed the foreign students on the oil industry.

Andrey Savilov, Associate Professor at the School of Aircraft Construction, Mechanical Engineering and Transport, introduced the students to developments in the field of Mechanical Engineering.