INRTU students participate in an exchange program at Zhejiang Wanli University (China)

Polina Pimchenko, Ksenia Mikhailova and Yulia Pavlova, students of the Institute of Architecture, Construction and Design, are studying in Zhejiang Wanli University (China) as exchange students. During the semester they will master disciplines in the field of design.

Zhejiang Wanli University is a private university located in the city of Ningbo, which is considered the industrial, commercial, financial, and logistic center of Eastern China.

Nina Berngard, Head of the INRTU International Exchange Office, says that Zhejiang Wanli University is a new partner of INRTU. The memorandum of understanding and the agreement on academic exchange between the universities were signed in 2023.

"Last fall, our students and I took part in the X International Youth Festival in Ningbo for the first time. Our colleagues welcomed us warmly, and we managed to find common directions for further cooperation. The university impressed us with its developed infrastructure and comfortable dormitories, which is important for our students during participation in exchange programs or short-term internships. Studying at Zhejiang Wanli University, our students will not only improve their professional and linguistic competencies, but will also explore the beautiful and ingenious city of Ningbo," says Nina Berngard.

Students Polina Pimchenko, Ksenia Mikhailova and Yulia Pavlova left to China on February 24. The educational process at the university is organized in English. Additionally Irkutsk students will attend Chinese language courses.

According to Ksenia Mikhailova, accommodation in Ningbo is organized in a dormitory for international students:

"We have been in China for only a few weeks, but we have already managed to attend classes, explore the local culture, and make new friends. We have adapted quickly to our new environment. Zhejiang Wanli University has friendly teachers who are always ready to help students. "

Ksenia added that she was very impressed by the city of Ningbo:

"In our free time, we plan to visit the famous ancient library and museums of Ningbo, and we will also go to Shanghai."

Zhejiang Wanli University is currently open for admissions for participation in the Chinese Language and Culture Summer School. The program will include academic courses, interesting excursions aiming to learn about the culture and traditions of China. Depending on the level of language skills, students can choose one of three levels of language learning: beginner, intermediate and advanced. The 5-week training starts on June 10 and will last until July 12, 2024. Applications will be accepted until April 30.

For a list of documents and detailed conditions, please contact the INRTU International Office: aud. I-303b or tel. +79086609773 (WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber), e-mail: