INRTU Student Media Center Won the Grand Prix of the Baikal Student Spring Concert Programs Contest

On March 27 the Gala Concert of the Baikal Student Spring competition took place in the INRTU assembly hall. The program of the event included the best performances of the Festival, where the contest winners were awarded.

The Festival on the theme "The Edges of Spring: Compose, Surprise, Act" began on March 19 at INRTU. The Center for Cultural and Educational Work and the Student Union organized more than 20 events, including the Drum Sniper contest, the Potok Art Laboratory, an exhibition of the works by the Department of Monumental and Decorative Painting and Design named after V.G. Smagin, and others. 

Vladimir Smirnov, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, addressed the participants and guests at the opening of the Gala Concert:

“Student Spring has been held at our university for more than 30 years. Thanks to the students' enthusiasm, the Festival is constantly changing. We are glad that INRTU students not only receive education, but also develop creatively. I wish you to keep this student spirit for the rest of your lives.”

The most awaited event of the Festival was the awarding of prizes to the leaders of the concert programs contest. In their productions the participants turned to Pushkin's fairy tales, reflected the themes dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Baikal-Amur Railway, the 100th anniversary of "Mosfilm", the anniversary of Yuri Gagarin.

The Grand Prix of the competition was taken by the "Life Lesson" concert program by the Student Media Center. In the creative production the INRTU students told how media forms are changing. Actors of the Predmestye Theatre, the Kalina folk band and the head of the Art-Graphics plastic improvisation studio Elena Orlova helped the media students to prepare the performance.

The first place in the concert program contest and "The Edges of Spring: Compose!" nomination was awarded to the program "Spring Commotion" by the School of High Technologies. The program "Odyssey: Melody of Feelings" of the INRTU Mechanical Engineering College also won the first prize.

The School of Architecture, Construction and Design won the second place and the "Edges of Spring: Surprise!" nomination. School of Subsurface Resource Management with the program "Spring From Scratch" completed the top three. INRTU Rector Mikhail Kornyakov and the Director of School of Subsurface Resource Management Alexey Shevchenko took part in the program.

A big event was the contest for the "Wow!" nominations, held for the first time as part of the Festival.

More than 100 students participated in the competition. They performed vocal and choreographic pieces, theatrical sketches, author's songs, competed in the instrumental genre. The best performances were included in the Gala Concert program. For example, freshman Egor Podrez performed "Ben's Couplets" from "The Last Inch" movie, the duet of the Shagi School of Modern Choreography (Valeria Vostretsova, Matvey Nalunin) presented the piece "Walk" based on one of the most famous paintings by Marc Chagall " Above the City", and a student of the preparatory course of the Baikal School of BRICS Munkhkhuu Mungunshagai sang a song in Mongolian.

The jury traditionally awards special prizes to individual performers and creative teams. The Student Media Center's production of "Pierrot" was named the best performance of the Festival. The most memorable prop was the hut of the School of High Technologies. A trio of the College of Mechanical Engineering won a special prize in the nomination "Yard Lyrics" for the song "Only Dreaming of You".

The Shagi School of Modern Choreography presented five shows at the Festival and was awarded the special prize "The Edge of Spring: Fly!".

Nikita Bugaenko from the School of Economics, Management and Law won the special prize "The Edge of Spring: Rhyme!" for the role of Alexander Pushkin. The experts also appreciated the acting of Pavel Kolomayko, the dance of the Geological Exploration College to the composition "Cooler than All", the author's songs by Maria Zhulanova and Danil Filippov. The prize for the best miniature ("Taxi") was awarded to the students of School of Subsurface Resource Management and the Siberian School of Geosciences.

All the winners received diplomas, prizes and gifts from INRTU and the Festival partners.

During the Gala Concert, the results of the Media Contest were announced, in which photographers, videographers and journalists participated. 14 participants were highly appreciated by the jury.

The winners of the Festival were congratulated by Anton Koshkin, the President of the Student Union:

"We have spent two weeks in INRTU watching creative performances and concerts. I wish that there will be room for creative inspiration in your lives."

Summing up the results of the Studspring, Tatiana Dashko, head of INRTU Center for Cultural and Educational Work, emphasized that the Festival is accompanied by a large team of specialists. And talented students prove every year that INRTU ranks first in creativity.

The Student Spring regional festival will start in early April and its participants will be creative teams of INRTU.

Photo by Arseniy Chekmaryov and Student Media Center (Daria Balashova and Anastasia Gaskova)