INRTU's experience in training staff for the oil and gas industry was presented by Vice-Rector Vladimir Smirnov at the "Eastern Siberia 2022" conference

The project is organised by Engineering Practice, with Irkutsk Oil Company (INK) as a strategic partner. The event has attracted interest from representatives of leading Russian oil and gas companies, including SibGeoProject, VCNG, INK, Surgutneftegas, etc.

During the conference, which runs through August 25, speakers will discuss effective technologies for the development and operation of oil and gas fields in Eastern Siberia. They will also highlight examples of successful technologies for the development and use of natural and associated gas reserves. The participants intend to consider the development of the region's technological potential.

The meeting was moderated by Evgeny Belyaev, General Director of "Engineering Practice" Ltd, and Sergei Yashchenko, Head of Department of Geology and Field Development of "Tyumen Scientific Centre" Ltd.

The event was opened by Alexey Uryadnov, Head of Wells Mechanization Department of Oil and Gas Production Department of INK. He wished the speakers fruitful work, useful acquaintances, and relevant knowledge, which could be later applied in practice.

Then Vladimir Smirnov, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of INRTU, made a welcoming speech. He spoke about Irkutsk Polytechnic University and presented the university's experience in training personnel for the oil and gas industry.

"Every year we train more than 1,000 students for the oil and gas industry, and a large proportion of our graduates work in this sector. The university is helped to equip its facilities by its partners - major Russian companies. The university is also a participant in the Priority 2030 program, within the framework of which it implements strategic projects related to mechanical engineering and the mining and geological industries," says the Vice-Rector.

He said that INRTU had established an oil and gas training and retraining centre for training, retraining and advanced training of oil and gas specialists. Last year more than six thousand people attended the courses.

Vladimir Smirnov elaborated on the challenges the university faces in training specialists. He noted that there is a tendency when the number of vacancies and offers is higher than the number of graduates of individual fields.

"Together with our partners, we are developing additional tools to develop human resources for the oil and gas cluster. One successful technique is targeted training, which allows companies to enter into individual agreements with future graduates.

In addition, last year, INRTU implemented a corporate retraining program in Chemistry and Polymer Technology with INK. Upon completion, graduates will be employed at the Irkutsk Polymer Plant. Such initiatives make the training individual and reduce the period of graduates' adaptation at the enterprise," said Vladimir Smirnov.

The Vice-Rector also added that the university actively conducts career guidance work with schoolchildren. For example, in Ust-Kut, with the support of the university, specialised "INK classes" have been set up.

Employees of the INRTU's School of Subsoil Use also expressed interest in the technical industry conference.

Based on the results of the Eastern Siberia 2022 forum, articles will be prepared for the Engineering Practice magazine.