INRTU's Advanced Developments Introduced by Rostec

The Rostec State Corporation and INRTU are developing scientific and technical cooperation in aircraft construction, a driving force of Russian industry. Thus, Rostec’s United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) and our University have developed a roadmap to ensure long-term cooperation with seven core enterprises and design agencies in R&D field.

"Today, when we are most challenged to achieve technological leadership, it is particularly important to establish fruitful cooperation among universities and the economy's real sector. INRTU has established long-term and efficient collaboration with a number of Rostec enterprises. Successful projects have been implemented in aircraft construction and mechanical engineering, as well as in composite materials production. For example, jointly with UAC for the benefit of Aviastar (Ulyanovsk), a branch of Ilyushin Aviation Complex, a new UDF-5 unit (shot-impact forming facility) is being created - it presents an advanced version of the UDF-4 model, designed for shot-impact forming of large parts of aircraft skin," said Elena Druzhinina, Managing Director for Cooperation of Science and Business of Rostec.

In addition, INRTU specialists created a unique UFP-1 facility for forming and modifying large wing and fuselage sections of the main heavy military transport aircraft of the Russian Air Force - the IL-76MD-90A. At the time of working on the project Russia had no analogues of the INRTU-developed technology. In December 2021 the equipment was delivered and put into production at Aviastar, the Ulyanovsk branch of the Ilyushin Company. INRTU has started designing similar equipment for the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Plant named after Yuri Gagarin. At present, a high-capacity portal version of an identical unit - the UFP-2P facility for forming finned aircraft panels has passed preliminary tests and is ready for delivery to the Kazan Aviation Plant.

An important cooperation area is the development of automated CNC equipment for high-precision forming of aircraft skin and airframe parts. The new equipment will increase the productivity of a number of aircraft parts manufacturing processes by two to three times, while ensuring high accuracy and product life. This year, the equipment will be delivered to the Ulyanovsk, Taganrog, Komsomolsk-on-Amur and other Rostec aircraft plants.

Finally, the Corporation is largely focused on developing the system of training highly qualified specialists and implementing advanced projects, where the key role is played by advanced engineering schools. Thus, with Rostec's participation, engineering schools have already opened at 15 specialized universities. In order to create breakthrough solutions in aircraft construction technologies, INRTU is also going to launch an advanced engineering school.

"AviaPromTech plans to develop such core scientific and technological fields as industrial digitalization and automation, the manufacturing using new materials, including composites; industrial and service robotics and digital design. Among the new prospective areas are additive and laser technologies, technologies for special properties coating, virtual and augmented reality technologies," shared the plans INRTU Rector Mikhail Korniakov.