INRTU representatives participated in National Russian Education Exhibition at the Russian House site in Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia)

INRTU employees from International Affairs Department participated in National Russian Education Exhibition at the Russian House site in Ulaanbaatar. The event was held on October, 6-8. INRTU representatives made a presentation on bachelor's and master's degree programs to Mongolian youth.

The exhibition was organized by the «Rossotrudnichestvo» representative office in Mongolia. 22 Russian universities took part in this exhibition. The event became the start of 62 Days of Friendship between Mongolia and Russia.

The main purpose of the exhibition is to show Mongolian schoolchildren and high school graduates the opportunities and advantages of getting higher education in Russian universities.

Over 1 300 citizens of Mongolia, namely schoolchildren, their parents and teachers, visited the first day of the exhibition. INRTU representatives gave consultations about enrollment, advantages of the university as well as possibilities to get a scholarship for studying in Russia.

Also, the International Graduates Meeting of Russian/Soviet Educational Institutions dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Mongolian youth education in Russia and to the 50th anniversary of the Mongolian Association of Russian/Soviet Educational Institutions Graduates was held within the event. INRTU graduates of different years and different academic programs visited the stand of their home university. There was the first Mongolian cosmonaut J. Gurragcha among the honored guests of the meeting. He is currently the president of the Union of Mongolian Friendship Societies and the President of the Friendship Society «Mongolia – Russia».

The exhibition program included a scientific and practical conference «Russian Diploma - start of a successful career». A report on the role of the regional component in studying Russian language was presented by A. Kutimskaya, Professor of Russian language at the Department of Humanities of the Baikal School of BRICS (BS BRICS).

More than 3 thousand visitors got acquainted with Russian universities presentations for 3 days.