INRTU organizes "The Cup of Two Lakes" ball hockey tournament at Baikal and Khuvsgul

INRTU will hold its first "Cup of Two Lakes" ball hockey tournament on Baikal and Khuvsgul

 Hockey players from Mongolia, the Republic of Buryatia and INRTU will compete on the ice of the legendary lakes on March 22-28.

The competition is organized within the framework of the Student Ball Hockey League, which was registered in December 2021. The Cup was supported by the first cosmonaut of Mongolia, Hero of the USSR Jugderdemidiin Gurragchaa.

The sports event will be held in two stages in a round-robin format - each team will play against each other. The first games will take place in Khankh, Mongolia, on March 22. Hockey players will meet on the Baikal ice near Bolshoye Goloustnoye on March 28. Cup winner will be the team with the most victories.

According to Sergey Anosov, Vice-Rector for Campus and Corporate Management, the university continues to promote ball hockey among students:

"The creation of the league is intended to promote the sport in Russia and at the international level. In 2022 we organized a large-scale competition - the Student Sports League Championship. For the first time, INRTU students played against the Mongolian national team at the Friendship Cup at "Baikal" Ice Palace. The new tournament is notable for the fact that teams will play on the legendary lakes, united by the network of mountain reservoirs".

Lake Khuvsgul is also called the younger brother of Lake Baikal. About 100 rivers flow into Khuvsgul and 46 flow out. One of them is the Egiin Gol, which flows into the left tributary of the Selenga and then in Lake Baikal.

The organization of the tournament on the open ice is a complex task. It is necessary to coordinate with the Ministry of Emergency Situations and environmental management and protection services.

The organizers pay special attention to the preparation of ice. First of all, Polytechnic hockey players selected sites for games. Then geodesists from the School of Subsurface Resource Management made the appropriate marks.

The INRTU Department for Sports Facilities will do a great deal of the work. At each lake, the specialists will prepare an area the size of a football pitch (110x90). At night, they will remove defects of the ice and level it out. For this purpose, polytechnic staff will use advanced technologies developed by the university and modern equipment.

Sergey Anosov added that "The Cup of Two Lakes" interested teams from the Kemerovo region and Kazakhstan:

"For now, it is a pilot project, which we intend to test. The plan is to organize the tournament properly, and then to connect players from other regions."

The team of Irkutsk Polytech is currently participating in the regional championship in ball hockey. Today the hockey players will meet the team "Yunost-Region" in the "Baikal" Ice Palace at 21:00.