INRTU Organized a Concert Dedicated to the 79th Anniversary of the Great Victory

On the eve of the 79th anniversary of the Great Victory, the INRTU organized a solemn concert. The celebration took place in the square in front of the main building of the University.

The meeting was opened by a march of cadets of the Military Training Center at INRTU under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Maxim Kobets. Vocal ensemble “Sing, Friend!” sang the anthem of Russia, with songs of the war years performed by the Russian song ensemble “Kalina”.

The university food factory deployed a field kitchen with buckwheat porridge and tasty tea. Employees of the Youth Policy Department handed out St. George ribbons to the guests of the event. Volunteers gave flowers to labor veterans, children of war and home front workers as a sign of deep respect.

Rector of INRTU Mikhail Korniakov welcomed the guests of the event:

“We celebrate the approaching national holiday of Victory Day. The University has made a huge contribution to the common cause - students and staff worked on the home front and defended the frontiers of the country. We pay tribute to the memory of all those who sacrificed themselves for a peaceful sky, and we will do our best to be worthy of our heroes.

Even today, people of INRTU demonstrate an active civic position. We have created a fund to assist and help the participants of the war and their children studying at INRTU. The University has collected and donated about 3 million rubles for the needs of the special military operation. INRTU students are engaged in manufacturing various things for the front, collecting humanitarian aid. Five employees and 42 students are serving in the special military operation zone. We also provide social assistance and legal advice.”

Viktor Dubyansky, Chairman of the INRTU Veterans Council, addressed the guests of the celebration. He expressed his gratitude to his colleague, who has the status of "children of war", 87-year-old Elvira Shpak for her work with the military-patriotic club "BM-21".

Alexandra Demina, deputy chair of the Students' Professional Union Organization, spoke on behalf of the students:

“The University has always been involved in the national events, so we have prepared a photo exhibition about the heroes of INRTU. You will have an opportunity to learn more about people whose courage is not forgotten, but continues to be an example for young people”

Larisa Leskova, Director of INRTU Publishing House, presented the album "The Immortal Regiment of INRTU Publishing House", which is part of the "Roads of the Great Victory" project. This is a historical story about 73 fates of the generation that forged the Victory in the rear and on the battlefields of the Great Patriotic War.

More than 400 students and employees of the Irkutsk Mining and Metallurgical Institute volunteered for the front, 64 did not return, 16 of them gave their lives in the battle for Stalingrad, the same number perished at the Kursk Bulge. The names of the heroes are immortalized on the memorial stele at the university, to which, by tradition, the students and guests of the solemn event laid flowers.