Igor Rymorenko, Minister of Digital Development and Communications of the Angara region, praised the projects of INRTU graduates

Igor Rymorenko, Minister of Digital Development and Communications of Priangarye, highly appreciated the diploma projects of INRTU graduates. The head of the department recommended the theses for participation in the regional grant competition, which is aimed at the development of domestic IT solutions.

The defense on "Information Systems and Technologies in Administrative Management" took place on June 23. A total of 28 students from the University presented their diploma projects, 10 of which graduated with honors.

During the event, the "Startup as a Diploma" program graduates Maxim Kozlov and Vyacheslav Kolosov presented their projects.

Maksim Kozlov was commissioned by Angarsk Petrochemical Company to develop a system for assessing the well-being of employees using Well-being technology. The supervisor of the thesis is Sergey Bakhvalov, associate professor at the Center for School of Information Technology and Data Science.

INRTU system is designed to retain valuable staff in the company, improve the overall level of well-being in the team. Employees are tested using special methods to help assess their satisfaction and needs.

"We conducted a review of similar services. Many software products meet the needs of customers, but all lack the ability to independently determine satisfaction factors.

Our system supports comprehensive analysis and is more profitable to use. The software product will reduce labor costs for conducting psychological testing and processing the results," says Maxim Kozlov.

The graduate also demonstrated how the system works to members of the state examination board. The program allows users not only to take tests, but also to track the dynamics of their own well-being.

The student plans to refine the design of the web application, introduce additional assessment methods, and create a section with recommendations. There will be master classes, courses, and other interactives from the employer.

"Right now the product is designed for the Angarsk Petrochemical Company. In the future it can be scaled to other organizations by introducing architectural changes and new databases," Maxim added.

Vyacheslav Kolosov worked under the guidance of Vadim Arshinsky, who heads the Software Engineering Center at INRTU. By request of Tinkoff Bank, he developed a library for automatic testing of the accessibility of Android applications for blind and visually impaired people.

"People with disabilities should have access to information resources of government agencies and financial institutions. In the Android operating system, this is done with the help of the Talkback interface voice utility.

The developers manually test the entire functionality of the mobile application by listening to each voiceover of interface elements. This routine takes the testing team about an hour. With our automatic test it will take no more than 40 seconds", - said Vyacheslav Kolosov.

It should be noted that since his third year he has successfully worked as a mobile developer at Tinkoff Bank.

According to Vadim Arshinsky, Vyacheslav did a lot of hard work while preparing his thesis:

"Currently, there are no analogues of such a library for creating autotests for dubbing, so the researcher developed the author's methodology by trial and error."

Igor Rymorenko, Minister of Digital Development and Communications of the Angara Region, was interested not only in the startups, but also in the projects of other Polytechnic students. He recommended the projects of Vladislav Kutenkov and Julia Kolmogortseva to participate in the regional grant competition, which is aimed at the development of domestic IT solutions. Vladislav devoted his diploma to evaluation of road repair forecasting. Yulia created a web platform aimed at finding like-minded people and organizing teams to participate in hackathons.