Congratulations from the Rector of INRTU on the Students' Day

Dear students and teachers! I congratulate all of us on the Students' Day!

Nothing in life is more bright and unforgettable than student years. New knowledge, true friends, first student love, hopes and dreams, and most importantly, that the whole life is in front of you - these emotions and feelings will always remain with you, in your hearts and souls. Appreciate this wonderful time!

Congratulations to the mentors, teachers, and professors who pass on their experience and knowledge, and help reveal young talents.

Irkutsk Technical university is proud of the achievements of its students. Today more than 175 students have received scholarships of the President of Russia, the Government of the Russian Federation and the Governor of Irkutsk region for their achievements in education and science. 1,500 students, which is every seventh student, are involved in research activities and participate in real production projects.

INRTU is a participant of the "Priority 2030" program and actively develops students' research and entrepreneurial competencies. As a result, four undergraduate graduates won the federal contest "Student Startup" and received 1 million rubles each for its development. Fourteen students defended their graduate thesis as a startup. More than 900 students "pumped up" their skills in the accelerator programs on entrepreneurship.

Once again, happy holiday to everyone! Good health to all. Let all your plans come true. Believe in yourselves and everything will be possible!

Rector of INRTU

Korniakov M.V.