Column of 700 INRTU students opened the «Student Parade» in Irkutsk

The «Student Parade» appeared in Russia in 2015. Irkutsk joined the project in 2016. The parade was organized by the city administration, the Students Coordinating Council of the Irkutsk region, the Ministry of Youth Policy of the Irkutsk region.

Students of universities and colleges marched under the flags down the Lenin Street, that is, from Kirov Square to the «Trud Stadium». The solemn part of the event was opened with the hymn of the Russian Federation performed by the Irkutsk State University choir. Then the students took the first-year students oath.

Minister of Youth Policy of the Irkutsk region Margarita Tsyganova addressed the students:

«I congratulate you on the beginning of one of the most interesting and most memorable periods in life – the studentship. There are about 80,000 students at various organizations of higher and secondary professional education in Irkutsk. You are the future of our region. I wish first-year students to study with dignity to become excellent professionals, not to forget to develop your skills outside the basic education and be proud to wear the title of Irkutsk student».

Deputy Mayor Dmitry Ruzhnikov and Chairman of the Rectors Council of the Irkutsk region Andrey Khomenko also congratulated the students.

The «Student Parade» was followed by the performances of the best creative universities and colleges teams of the region. The spectators were delighted by a joint performance of INRTU ethnic percussion studio «Ethnobit» and the school of contemporary choreography «Shagi».

During the program, the partners of the parade organized interactive platforms and raffled off valuable prizes in a lottery.

Mikhail Ermolaev, acting chairman of the Student's Trade Union Committee at INRTU, said that the university's column was represented by students who have distinguished themselves in creative, scientific and sports activities:

«Our column marched through the central street of the city in an organized and positive way. The students very responsibly approached this event. Each student indicated his or her affiliation with INRTU through clothing or accessories.

In addition to INRTU flags, the students proudly carried signs of their Schools. The largest column was organized by the School of Subsurface Resource Management with 200 students.

This year the first «Student Parade» in Russia was held in Irkutsk region. It is cool that we have demonstrated such a high level of organization».

Nina Khongordoeva, a first-year student of the School of Architecture, Construction and Design, was the flag holder of INRTU.

«I was honored to carry my university's flag at such a large-scale event. The «Student Parade» allows first-year students to adapt faster to the university environment and make new friends.

I want to get good grades at university, become a member of the environmental tribe «Taiga» and approve myself at public events held by Student's Trade Union Committee», - said Nina.

The unit’s flag was also carried by activists of INRTU Student's Sport Committee under the leadership of Artyom Kuzmin. As part of the parade, the INRTU sportsmen announced the author's online project «Step by Step». Over 300 participants of the parade have already joined the project.

«We invite participants to register on the online platform «Steps» which reads the number of steps per day. The task of each contestant is to walk as much distance as possible in a week and gain a total of 150 000 steps», - said Artyom Kuzmin.