Project Development Practicum

To successfully master the knowledge of project management, it is necessary not only to know the theory of project management, but also to gain practical experience in the preparation and presentation of project materials. This course helps students understand the practical nuances of the preparatory phase of a project. During this course, students prepare and defend design materials in areas such as scientific research, investment projects, sustainable development projects and other types of designs.

The goal of mastering the discipline

Obtaining skills in the preparation and presentation of project materials.

The skills you get

  • Possess the skills of system analysis of the information received.
  • Highlighting "deficiencies" of knowledge and formulating a request to search for new information.
  • Know the norms and methods of social interaction.
  • Be able to solve problems in accordance with the role position.
  • Possess the skills of identifying and setting goals.

Topics covered

  • Scientific research projects.
  • Investment projects.
  • Social responsibility projects.

When instructed

  • 3rd year, 1st and 2nd semester
  • 4th year, 1st and 2nd semester

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