The course focuses on contemporary world history, covering major political, social and economic developments of the past century. It is aimed at building knowledge and understanding of general patterns and trends of the global historical process, studying national histories in a global context, familiarization with the main trends in the evolution of international relations in the 20th century.

The goal of mastering the discipline

- To develop better understanding of world history,
- To teach to accept intercultural diversity, as well as different perspectives and opinions,
- To teach the skills of analyzing historical documents and identifying historical trends,
- To navigate through scholarly literature on the subject.

The skills you get

  • The course develops analytical skills and critical reasoning, public speaking and presentation skills.

Topics covered

  • The First World War and the post-war international order
  • Russian revolution of 1917
  • Totalitarianism
  • Reformism
  • International relations in the 1930s
  • The Second World War and the post-war international order
  • The Cold War
  • Integration and globalization

When instructed

  • 1st year, 1st semester

List of references and sourses

1.    Antony Best, Jussi Hanhimaki, Joseph A. Maiolo. International History of the Twentieth Century and Beyond. Routledge, 2014.
2.    William R. Keylor. The Twentieth-Century World and Beyond: An International History since 1900. Oxford University Press, 2011.
3.    J. M. Roberts. The Penguin History of the Twentieth Century: The History of the World, 1901 to the Present. Penguin Books, 2004.