Basics of Law

The course is aimed at improving legal awareness among the students, clarifying legal concepts and terms, familiarizing with the importance of the rule of law in governance, analyzing the main features of the political and legal systems of the BRICS countries.

The goal of mastering the discipline

- To develop better understanding of the role of law in governance,
- To provide knowledge of the political and legal systems of the BRICS countries,
- To teach to apply theoretical knowledge to the analysis of contemporary State legal, economic legal and international legal processes,
- To navigate through scholarly literature on the subject.

The skills you get

  • The course fosters a rights-based culture among the students, develops analytical skills and critical reasoning, public speaking and presentation skills.

Topics covered

  • The key terms and concepts. The types of political and legal systems.
  • Political and legal system of Russia
  • Political and legal system of China
  • Political and legal system of India

When instructed

  • 3rd year, 1st semester

List of references and sourses

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2. William Hurst. Ruling before the Law: The Politics of Legal Regimes in China and Indonesia. Cambridge University Press, 2018.
3. Bill Bowring. Law, Rights and Ideology in Russia: Landmarks in the Destiny of a Great Power. Routledge, 2014.
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