Business Communications in Cross-Cultural Environment

In this course, students will study the basic of effective business communication applied cross-cultural environment. They will become aware of linguistic and cultural background of business. They will learn to use appropriate discursive practices.   They will get familiar with modern tools supporting business communication and its efficiency.

The goal of mastering the discipline

You will be able to express thoughts effectively and understand the ideas of complex texts on both concrete and abstract topics in the context of business communication in cross-cultural environment.

The skills you get

  • • apply modern of effective business communication • use search engines and expert databases to organize and monitor verbal information

Topics covered

  • Module1. Business communication channels in a global environment; verbal and non-verbal means of business communication Module 2. Public speaking and presentation as a form of business communication; written, telephone and other types of business communications Module 3. Remote business communications Module 4. Intra-organizational communications and their tools Module 5. Communication networks and negotiation process

When instructed

  • 2nd year, 1st semester

List of references and sourses