Tax Management

Tax managenent is a discipline about principles af taxation in modern society. this is a discipline focused on obtaining practical skills in the field of calculating taxes, which are the main source of revenue for the budget system in any economy

The goal of mastering the discipline

Get knowledge, develop skills and abilities in the field of tax management and audit from the point of view of collecting, processing and analyzing data necessary to make management decisions

The skills you get

  • you will know the main principles of taxation and audit
  • you will be able to apply tax management tools in the preparation of financial statements
  • you will use methods for tax calculations

Topics covered

  • The concept of taxes and fees. Principles of taxation. Elements of taxation
  • VAT. Income tax. Property taxes. Insurance premiums
  • Personal income tax. Property taxes
  • Tax audit. Methods of tax control

When instructed

  • 2nd year, 2nd semester

List of references and sourses

Tax code