Introduction to Project Development

Nowadays, more and more work is being done as part of projects. Understanding the essence of projects and the specifics of working within projects are a prerequisite for successful work in large international companies. Introduction to Project Development covers the theory and practice of project management. Different types of projects and features of their management are studied; the risks and pitfalls of project implementation are analyzed.

The goal of mastering the discipline

Acquisition of knowledge about the project planning, project organization, methods of project efficiency assessment.

The skills you get

  • Know what a project is and what the main stages it consists of.
  • Be able to develop project fulfillment plan, to prepare project documentations, to run a project.

Topics covered

  • Fundamentals of project management
  • Project management process
  • Project risk management
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of projects
  • Project implementation
  • Project materials

When instructed

  • 2nd year, 2nd semester

List of references and sourses

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