Corporate Responsibility and Ethics

The main goal of studying the discipline is to concretize the concepts: "corporate social responsibility", "social investments", "social partnership", relevant technologies, as well as systems for their assessment in various areas, taking into account international standards of corporate social responsibility and the peculiarities of domestic business.
Students will know about the content, role and action of the social functions of modern business. This course equips students with the skills in applying the principles of corporate social responsibility to human resource management, group and teamwork.

The goal of mastering the discipline

The course is designed to develop abilities to make decisions and a willingness to take responsibility for them in the management of operational (production) activities
Students will learn how to distribute and delegate powers, to resolve conflict situations in interpersonal, group and organizational communications, applying the basic theories of motivation, leadership, power, the principles of group and teamwork, modern technologies of personnel and human resources management in the design of the organizational structure, taking into account personal responsibility.

The skills you get

  • • know basic concepts and models of CSR and factors influencing the choice of management decisions;
  • • use the skills of CSR principles for decisions making process
  • • understand the main concepts of CSR on the basis of which human resource management, group and team work and the design of organizational structures are carried out
  • • apply concepts and models of CSR to the management of operational (production) activities.

Topics covered

  • 1. Business and Society.
  • 2. The concept of corporate social responsibility and business participation in the formation of public goods
  • 3. Practical aspects of implementing corporate social responsibility programs
  • 4. The main areas of activity in the field of corporate social responsibility
  • 5. International standards and tools for assessing business social responsibility
  • 6. Environmental responsibility of business.

When instructed

  • 3rd year, 1st semester

List of references and sourses

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2.    Jeremy Moon. Corporate Social Responsibility: a very short introduction. – Oxford University Press, 2015.
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