Engineering and computer graphics

The program revealed the purpose credit module, which is to build students' abilities in geometric modeling and computer methods of instrumentation products, use in their professional designing information systems, construction and design of engineering drawings and schemes according to the current standards, and perform Read projection images of any geometric and technical objects, apply knowledge of computer graphics, modern information technologies in the study of other subjects and their future careers.

The goal of mastering the discipline

The formation of general engineering knowledge in computer graphics and the development of the Unified design documentation system

The skills you get

  • Knowledge of methods and means of design documentation execution
  • Computer skills with graphics packages
  • Ability to prepare and read drawings of technical items and technological processes schemas, including the usage of computer graphics
  • Knowledge of methods of design and technological problems solving with modern software products using
  • Knowledge of the role and significance of computer graphics in engineering systems and application programs

Topics covered

  • Projection methods. Point
  • Straight line, plane and their relative position
  • Surfaces
  • AutoCAD basics
  • Images. Views and sections
  • Dimensioning. Axonometric projections
  • Threads
  • Sketching
  • General assembly drawing
  • Detailing the general assembly drawingw

When instructed

  • 1st year, 2nd semester

List of references and sourses

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2. Brailov A. Engineering Graphics. Theoretical Foundations of Engineering Geometry for Design. Springer, 2016, 347 p.
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